Tasmanian pinball wizard calls it a day, sells off his huge collection of arcade games and jukeboxes
But amid the flashing lights, rock-and-roll hits, and whirring and whooping electronica, there is a somewhat reluctant vendor. One of Australia's biggest collections of pinball machines, jukeboxes and arcade games is being put up for sale in Hobart.
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Pinball Revived
The eBay "Pinball" category (under "Collectibles") routinely features over 1,000 auctions, where reconditioned machines fetch prices from $1,500 to $. Pinball looms large in a whole gameroom industry of jukeboxes, classic arcade videogames and pachinko.
Arcade and Pinball Sale Of The Century
The most expensive machine sold on the day wasn’t a pinball table, it was a 1959. Why you ask? Inside was a significantly large assortment of pinball tables, jukeboxes and arcade cabinets, all for sale or auction by one of the oldest operators in Tassie.
Collecting Jukebox flyers and sales brochures
Collecting jukebox flyers/ jukeboxes The purpose of this guide is to explain why people collect what they do. I have collected jukebox manuals and flyers for many years. I had some friends that where collecting old jukeboxes so I though that was a cool thing to collect. My first machine was a Wurlitzer, I convinced the pool hall owner into selling. The love for Nostalgia started at that point in time.As I filled up the jukebox with my 45's I noticed that I had alot more records than that box would take. So I went out and bought more jukeboxes so I could put all my records into them and enjoy my 45's playing those old tunes.Than one by one I started to sell them off as my family grew, I was cramped for space so I moved onto collecting sales flyers and brochures for jukeboxes. I now have a very large collection of jukebox and arcade factory flyers and brochures. It is fun finding a model that" it is the fun of the hunt that I enjoy the most."

Pennsylvania Gameroom Warehouse
Offers an online catalog of arcade pinball machines, video games, and jukeboxes. Specializes in home sales. Located in the United States.