China Stamps # 361A Rare Pair Inverted

Englewood Cliffs,NJ,USA

Indonesia Republic Stamp Collection

Englewood Cliffs,NJ,USA
Asian collectors get passionate about stamps
, stamps, like other collectibles, have fallen in value during the past two years. This burgeoning group also is helping to lift the nascent market for stamps from Asia, at a time when the value of stamps from other regions is drooping. "In the U.S. and U.K.
Pastor of Amadiya: Mosul’s Christian refugees, torn between emergency aid and the longing to return home
home Middle East South Asia Central Asia North Asia South East Asia East Asia South West Asia Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh. For more than three months 225 Yazidi families living here in Enishke did not receive food stamps or food.
Zurich Asia to offer rare stamps of imperial & modern China in October Hong Kong auction
to arouse even stronger interest from discerning worldwide collectors and set another new auction record. Zurich Asia, the leading stamp auction house in Asia, will hold from 13-14 October 2012 its next sale of Stamps & Postal History of China.
The catalogue contains colour illustrations and prices for used and mint stamps. ... based on "Stamps of the World" bringing together key issuing countries of Asia, including India, Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Russia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Turkey.
Portuguese stamps value
There are some known falsifications of classic stamps; some reach a good market value. The best Portuguese stamps catalogue is the Afinsa. Every year a new edition is printed. There is also an Afinsa catalogue for the Portuguese ex-colonies. The values indicated in the catalogue do not correspond to the stamps exact market value in Portugal. Specialized shops sell all stamps with a 20% discount. Almost all stamps can be found in the flee market at 50% catalogue value. These are buying values; if you are selling stamps to a professional seller you should consider 25% of catalogue value as acceptable. The value of classic stamps will vary depending on the size of the margins. Catalogue value refers to normal sizes. Large margins can value up to four times the catalogue value. Hinged mint stamps will have their value reduced about 50%. When buying classic Portuguese mint stamps be careful, as there are later reprints that are difficult to distinguish from the original ones and have a much lower value.
Resource for Malaysian stamps and philatelic material with photo gallery.