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They have autographed items such as magazines, baseballs, basketballs, jerseys. Looking for autographs? Hollywood Collectibles carries a huge assortment of autographs from the biggest names around. The autographs come from celebrity and sports figures.
COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Top 10 Historical TNA Autographs for Under $10
All of TRISTAR’s autographs are signed on stickers that are later affixed to the card. If you have a question about wrestling collectibles, including the authenticity of an autograph, contact Michael Moore at
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Tyreke Evans autographs and memorabilia includes autographed photos, signed basketballs, and more. Hollywood Collectibles now offers authentic Tyreke Evans. are able to purchase Tyreke Evans autographs directly from Hollywood Collectibles and save.
Assessing Walt Disney Autographs
About 40 of our Presidents’ autographs are worth less on the collectibles market than. It is interesting to note that an authentic Walt Disney autograph can actually command more money from collectors than that of most autographs of our U.S. Presidents.
3) Who's this COA for anyway? Another dilemma for autograph collectors is getting a legitimate COA but not for the autograph he is bidding on or buying. There is nothing more exciting to a collector than authentic autographs of his favorite players. This is usually as close to the player as he will get. But there is unfortunatly a dilemma it the current autograph market; and that is the proliferation of fake autographs. Therefore you need to protect yourself if you want to buy these prized collectibles. The following measures, if taken, should enable you to bid on or buy autographs on eBay: 1) "There is no certificate of authenticity for this autograph because I got it in person." How many times have you see that? The problem is that with the manifestation of fake autographs in todays autograph market, you shouldn't accept this UNLESS you really want this autograph and are willing to accept a forgery. Autographs without COAs have no market value. 2)Sometimes COAs, are also fake. Once a seller was selling a Michael Jordan autograph for $12 and stated that that there was a COA. I was curious and bought the item. And when I received it, noticed that the COA was created on the home computer by the person selling it on eBay. Don't accept any such COA. The only ones who generate legitimate COAs are those who have entered into agreements with the player and his particular sport (i.e., MLB, NFL, NBA).

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Auction house for fine historical autographs and manuscripts in the United States.