ABB expands drives business with U.K. acquisition
ABB, the power and automation technology giant with global headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, operates a low-voltage drives business in New Berlin that. ABB said Monday it will acquire a small drives and motors business in the United Kingdom.
Industrial Automation News
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ABB agrees to buy Dynamotive in the UK to grow its drives and motors service business
ABB is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electric motors and drives. Furthermore, it will help ABB to increase its sales of complete industrial motion packages. into ABB's Drives and Controls business unit, led in the UK by Neil Ritchie.
ABB Agrees to Buy Dynamotive in the UK to Grow its Drives and Motors Service Business
ABB is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric motors. Coalville, UK based Dynamotive designs, commissions and upgrades systems of drives, controls and motors for industrial. and Controls business unit, led in the UK by Neil Ritchie.
Misleading Sewing Machine Descriptions
Spend the time to look what others say about it before you buy something that is not what it was claimed to be. If you are looking at a sewing machine that comes in a carrying case, it is NOT industrial, it's a home machine. If the sewing machine is in a wooden cabinet, it is NOT industrial, it's a home machine. If it's in a cast iron stand with a large foot pedal, chances are it's a home treadle, not industrial. If it folds down into a table, it's NOT industrial,, it's a home machine. As someone who ran industrial machines for over 30 years, these are not capable of sewing heavy items well or for very long. The factory machines have huge motors with a clutch and run on more voltage/amps than a standard home circuit can provide. They do not fold down and are never carried around in plastic or wooden cases. Factory/industrial machines do NOT have multiple embroidery stitches. They are designed for a specific job, and generally do not switch functions. Most are heavy enough that two people must lift them. If the machine you see has an automatic button hole feature, it's a home machine. They might weigh about 30 pounds, but they are home machines, and considered portable in their day. Please research any machines you are interested in. There are many sites with information on the older machines as well as the newer ones.

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Manufactures ultra-small and simple mainstream single and multi-axis motion control products for OEM customers in the factory, industrial and process automation fields.