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How to Sell Your Books in an Indie Bookstore
I can get a cheaper discount with them if I bought 500 or 1,000 books. Selling a lot of books. I request payment for my books and see if they are interested in buying more books at wholesale. From my publisher, I can buy 250 books at $3.50 per book.
10,000 $ for the Best Book about Books
by the IFLA Rare Books and Manuscript. Netherlandish Books. Books published in the Low Countries and Dutch Books printed abroad before 1601. Two volumes. Leiden, Boston, Brill, 2011. Birds in Books. Three hundred years of South Asian Ornithology.
Bookstores specializing in Books On Manuscripts
Our comprehensive stock has. Frits Knuf Antiquarian Books offers a wide range of books about books: typography, bibliography, books on paper, catalogues of libraries and dealers’ catalogues, and reference books on manuscripts, incunabula and bookbindings.
In Praise of the Backlist: On (Maybe) Reading More Not-Brand-New Books in 2017
I love being the person in my friendship circle who’s read the new books. I love new books. Shiny new books. Buzzy new books. I love going to author events and having new books signed. I love walking into bookstores and browsing the New Fiction tables.
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all of which are designated as big little books but do not fit the criteria. Big Little Books SHOULD NOT be listed with children's books that do not fit the size guide. Big Little books are generally listed as such, i.e. they should have THE BIG LITTLE BOOK or THE BETTER LITTLE BOOKS somewhere on the cover. They are roughly 3 3/8" x 4" x 1 1/2" in size and contain 300 - 400 pages. At presnet they are are lumped in with Little Five-Star Library Books, Jumbo Books, etc.

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