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95 Used in Collectibles, Bottles & Insulators, Bottles VTG Fisher's Packing Company Bottle! Clear Glass San Francisco. This is a wonderful piece of telecom history! Rare SGSD VTG Antique Milk Bottle Half Pint poss. WEBER? Clear Blown Glass Dairy US $22.
40th Annual Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show & Sale, Sunday at Singerly Fire Co.
and other memorabilia and collectibles. Between 75 and 85 tables will be filled with everything from canning jars, milk bottles, soda bottles, medicine bottles, figurals (bottles that look like something, i.e. corn cobs or fish) and railroad insulators.
EXPO 2012: Seminars, sales boost Reno antique bottle show
Kidney Bottles, USA Hospital Bottles, Hair Bottles, Black Glass, Dairy Bottles, Nevada Bottles, EC & M Insulators, Western Bitters, Poison Bottles. The main focus behind the FOHBC’s EXPO is to not only offer great quality glass and collectibles.
Find and Sell Antique Bottles, Glass Insulators and Barbed Wire
A few bottle hunters. And everywhere, empty bottles were tossed aside . . . where they still wait for you to find them. Go over these sites with a sharp eye. Watch for bottles, glass insulators. tin cans with soldered—instead of modern rolled seams.
ABOUT INSULATORS An insulator contains no free electrons to permit the flow of electricity. When a voltage is placed across an insulator, no charge or current flows through the insulator. An insulator is intended to support or separate electrical wires without passing current through itself. The term electrical insulation has the same meaning as the term dielectric. Some materials such as silicon dioxide or teflon are very good electrical insulators. A much larger class of materials, for example rubber-like polymers and most plastics are still "good enough" to insulate electrical wiring and cables even though they may have lower bulk resistivity. These materials can serve as practical and safe insulators for low to moderate voltages (hundreds, or even thousands, of volts). The History Of Insulators When Benjamin

Hungarian Insulators
Site of a Hungarian collector; includes many photos and drawings of insulators in use in Hungary.