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Digital Cameras are designed for photo-micrography.
cameras have made it possible to replace economical video cameras and frame- grabber interface technology, and have led to a marked improvement. Carl Zeiss is adding with two new models to its line of entry-level digital cameras for photo- micrography.
320-gigapixel photo of London is the world's largest panoramic photo
The team took three days to shoot the. The photo was taken with four Canon EOS 7D cameras and EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lenses plus Extender EF 2x III teleconverters. The cameras were mounted on Rodeon VR Head ST robotic panorama heads.
Photo enforcement gets upgrade
to operate than processing wet film from photo-enforcement cameras. Empty camera locations will get digital cameras first, and as film stock runs out, digital cameras will replace the older cameras. Riffel also said the newer laser equipment allows.
Company Overview of Photo-Tronics, Inc.
The company provides repair services for digital cameras; film cameras, such as advanced photo system cameras; flash equipment; projectors, including slide projectors and viewers. Photo-Tronics, Inc. provides photo and video equipment repair services.
Introduction to Spy Cameras
Spy Cameras Spy cameras originally referred to the miniature James Bond style cameras that could be concealed in a pen or a tie. Although the term still can be applied to those kind of cameras, more and more people are using "spy cameras" to mean hidden video surveillance cameras such as nanny cams. This article only deals with video surveillance types of spy cameras, although the goal for all these devices is the same: videotaping or photographing an area or a subject with a hidden camera that cannot be seen. Spy Cameras and Security Many people are starting to use video surveillance as part of a home security plan. Spy cameras alone aren't enough to keep burglars out, but they can be used in conjunction with 1) solid doors and windows with updated locks 2) window and door sensors 3) an alarm system turned on via a control panel or remote. If you can afford it, a system monitored by a remote security monitoring company is also a good idea. Now, if you have all that stuff, you may be asking, why do I need spy cameras? Many people choose to employ these tiny cameras in order to guard against theft from known visitors (repair men, child care providers, etc). You may also be interested in watching someone who is caring for your children or an elderly relative to ensure the care is up to snuff. Also, it's an extra bit of piece of mind;

4Kam Sports Cameras
Offers helmet cameras and bike cams. Suppliers of onboard cameras to Motors TV.