Chinese chef’s main course: Ancient Jewish coins
We went to off-thebeaten- track places. It took him 10 years of painstaking study, but last November Xu Long published a 575-page hard-back on the subject, Money of Ancient Judea and Israel. see every spot that appears on Israeli paper money and coins.
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Come see us for your needs. We buy, sell, and trade US coins, US paper money, gold, silver, proof sets, mint sets, world coins, medals, ancient coins, stamps, postcards, tokens, world paper money, and confederate money.
Bowers and Merena to Host ANA Pre-Show Auctions in 2011-2013
Paper Money, World Paper Money Ancient and World Coins The 2011 Pre-Show of the ANA World’s Fair of Money will be held Aug. Bowers and Merena will auction coin and paper money including: U.S. Coins, U.S. Colonial Coins, U.S. Tokens, U.S. Exonumia U.S.
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S. World Banknotes & Coins Pictures | Old Money, Foreign Currency Notes, World Paper Money Museum Iraq Coins 4 Fils Coin. The monetary unit is the Iraqi dinar, divided into 1,000 fils. In 1932 Iraqi Dinar's exchange rate was approximately $4.8666 U.
ancient roman silver and gold
I FIRST WANT TO SAY I HAVE NOTHING 2 DO WITH THE SALES ADDS TO THE RIGHT OF THIS PAGE please dont fall for the GOLD FOUND AND SILVER FOUND CLAIMS that the sellers of ancient coins use to bait buyers especally when the seller has silver coins for sale seperatley in thier store.ill tell you how its done:they(the seller) buy anywhere from 1000 on up uncleaned coins at a time from people in europe or wherever they keep the coins that have detail or look good then sell the rest at twice what they paid in a "TREASURE HUNT" to you. that way they buy more coins and so on and so on you get the idea. thats not to say they are all like this but lets be real huh?they are the ones on the treasure hunt not you,would you let a coin of great value pass you buy?i didnt think so.if your looking for a gold or silver roman coin do search for ancient roman silver coins and buy one you can see.there are dealers who have em at resonable prices,selinoscoins is one of the best i think ive come across.they have lots of different emperors and some of them look like they were made yesterday . there are others too so keep an eye open. gold is another story,it dosnt rust corrode or tarnish so when these coins are found in digs they stick out like a sore thumb and are quickly scooped by the diggers,do a search for ancient roman gold or gold stater or solidus and you will see coins for sale that are in pakistan or lebanon or somewhere else there digging up these coins,so dont be a dummy go with what you know,and that is everybody loves gold and nobody gives it away hope this helps

Ecuador coins, paper money and phonecards
Ecuadorian old coins, paper money and phonecards - English version.