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Why Investors Should Abandon Ares Commercial Real Estate
The company originates, invests in, and manages middle-market commercial real estate loans and other commercial real estate assets. ACRE is an externally-managed specialized real estate finance company that is taxed as a real estate investment trust (REIT).
Q&A: Miami’s industrial real estate makes a comeback
RCA was one of the founding organizations in creating a commercial real-estate coalition that. The Realtor Commercial Alliance is part of the Miami Association of Realtors. international real estate and commercial real-estate partnerships.
More than 200 CRE pros flock to Midwest Real Estate News’ Cincinnati Commercial Real Estate Summit
The event, organized by Midwest Real Estate News, attracted the top names in Cincinnati’s commercial real. More than 200 commercial real estate pros attended the second annual Cincinnati Commercial Real Estate Summit held April 6 at the Horseshoe Casino.
That Five Dollar Word "ESTATE" And Those Other Words
Oh . . . I can't say how many times I've seen the word "Estate" in a lisitng! For some reason or other, seems to spike more interest and ups the bids at least five or ten dollars. Ok, let's look at this word for what it is. An estate is merely the real estate and property, item left behind by a family member. It means just that, left items for sale, usually for someone still living to sell of and get rid of. In the past 3 years I have gone to a few, and I have to say there was nothing fancy about these sales, only one had some weird idea they were selling out of an antique shop, gotta give the ladies the beifit of the doubt, THEY were antique dealers themsleves. But the most fun one I attended was some people in South Carolina who had the stuff outside, casual atmosphere and reasonalble pricees, selling off this woman's grandmother's stuff, everything from vintage linens to more recent everyday household stuff, plus clothing and on and on. You can put the word "Estate" on anything you like, but it really doesn't mean a whole lot when you think about what an Estate really, and the purpose of the "Estate

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