Hunting for theme park treasures at the Disneyana Collectibles Expo
By the way, if Sunday's Disneyana Collectibles. Well, this was where the Disneyana Fan Club... What's that you say? You're not all that enthusiastic when it comes to shopping. Park coming out in July) before it was time to once again hit the road.
COLLECTIBLES : Magic of Youth Lures Some to Kingdom of Disneyana
Seal Beach resident Dean Mancina, who has been collecting Disneyana for 16. Odds are you'll get an earful. Such familiarity makes Disney-related memorabilia--known as Disneyana--ideal collectibles, as does the overwhelming amount of products on the market.
Disneyana Fan Club
The Disneyana Fan Club's Disneyana Collectible Expo is the place where you will find the best mix of Disney collectibles and products, old and new, anywhere on the planet!
Starbucks finally coming to Main Street; Disneyana to merge with Disney Gallery
Disneyana offers more specialized Disneyland merchandise, with very rare collectibles, and so does the Disney Gallery, even sometimes having some of the same merchandise. To make room for this, Disneyana, the store that currently connects with Market.
Disneyana Buying Guide
The wonderful world of Disneyana includes everything from Mickey Mouse wedding cake toppers and Tinkerbell snow globes to vintage Donald Duck coin banks. Whether Disneyana shoppers want to add to their Disney collections or find a gift for someone special, it is important to know about all available merchandise and where to find it before making a purchase. Learn about different types of figurines, mugs, animation cels, pins, and even various pieces of ephemera, as well as how to find and buy Disneyana, such as at local retail stores, the numerous Disney theme parks, or online at marketplaces like eBay. History of Disneyana Disneyana is the term used for collectible toys, books, and other souvenirs sold at Disney theme parks and retail stores. The term Disneyana was used informally in the 1960s and 70s among enthusiasts, not coming into common usage until the publishing of Cecil Munsey's book Disneyana: Walt Disney Collectibles in 1974. The number of Disneyana collectors increased greatly during the 1980s and 90s, and it is still a popular hobby today, as Disney enthusiasts collect anything Disney-themed, from souvenirs commemorating special events in Disney history to hats that are tied into various Disney films. Shoppers will find both vintage Disney items dating from before 1968 and contemporary Disney items dating from 1968 to present day at collector shops, antique stores, and online sellers like eBay. Contemporary Disneyana Shoppers can find an abundant selection of contemporary

Disneyana Exchange
Secondary market brokerage dealing exclusively with Disney items that are limited, retired or just no longer available. Includes Walt Disney Classics, and Disneyana Convention pieces.