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Predominant doll manufacturers include: Madame Alexander Dolls; Masterpiece Dolls; Maggie Made Dolls; Marie Osmond Dolls; Brenda’s Reborn Nursery Dolls; Lee Middleton Original. Boyds Bears; Bearington Bears; Charlie Bears; Deb Canham and Robin Rive Bears.
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Why girls kissing. dolls bears and collectables, dolls bears and collectibles, dolls bears and surprises. The Doll House & Toy Store, The Oldest Miniature Doll and Toy. High quality dolls, toys, dollhouses and miniatures in two Arizona locations.
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They are also a dolls hospital that repairs all dolls and soft toys and offer a full dressing service for any bear or doll. Dafel Dolls and Bears is. gifts for children including dolls, bears, collectables and miniatures.
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Profits benefit Good News Bears charity - to purchase bears for those needing comfort Stop by and check out some awesome collector dolls and bears! We need to get these out of storage and into the arms of. Great deals on collector dolls and teddy bears.
CARE BEARS FEET and HAIR! I've gotten a lot of questions about the different variations in the Care Bear foot colors and hair types so I'll take a moment to answer them here. Most Carethat is a Good Luck Bear will have green feet, a Grumpy Bear will have blue feet and so on. Most of these plush bears also have "troll" like hair. That is to say, the fuzzy type of hair found on the Troll dolls. That is not true, however, for the 20th Anniversary Bears and those we call Retro. They will have white feet. The 20th Anniversary Bears will also have wording on the tag or box that signifies their 20th Anniversary status. On the loose bears it is located on the hangtag inside a yellow starburst and says "20th Anniversary". On Boxed Bears, it will clearly state somewhere on the box that is a 20th Anniversary Bear. 20th Anniversary Care Bears also have a more doll-like hair, often called a "kiss curl" or "quewpie curl" and is a color coordinated single curl falling onto their forehead. If a bear has white feet and a kiss curl but is not tagged or labeled 20th Anniversary, then it is either a Retro Bear, referring to the original Care Bears from the 80s, or an actual vintage Care Bear from the 80s. Unless it is specifically tagged or labeled "20th Anniversary" most collectors will not consider it such. This America Cares Bear is an example of the style of bear that has the colored feet and "Troll" like hair

AppleTree Dolls and Bears
Retailer offering various dolls including Asian, Effanbee, Madame Alexander, Golliwogs, Precious Moments, Tonner, Vogue, and Wendy Lawton. Provides location.