26th Annual Antique Ethnographic Art Show
Over 150 dealers featuring the finest ethnographic and tribal antique art from around the world including Spanish Colonial, Mexican, Oceanic, Asian, African items and pre-Columbian art, furniture, rugs, jewelry. Detail: Museum-quality ethnographic antiques.
Modernism, Asian, European & Ethnographic Art & Antiques Now live on
This sale is a group of property from an extensive New York collection that includes ten 17th. Oct. 7, 2009 - PRLog-- The Litchfield County Auction on iGavel is made up of four distinctive sales. The first is European, Asian & Ethnographic Arts & Antiques.
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To view more exceptional ethnographic items from cultures across the globe, visit. In conjunction with the upcoming African, Oceanic. is the distinctive online platform for the finest art and antiques from distinguished dealers around the world.
iGavel Presents Modernism, Asian, European & Ethnographic Art & Antiques
com)-- The. iGavel is pleased to present the Modernism, Asian, European & Ethnographic Art & Antiques sale, presented by Litchfield County Auctions. The auction is ongoing through October 21, 2009 at New York, NY, October 09, 2009 --(PR.
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Just because it isn't old doesn't mean it isn't worth collecting. Is it FAKE or Fabulous? Here's the inside scoop on the most commonly misrepresented items you'll find listed in the Antique Ethnographic Latin American category! Mexican retablos, Peruvian Mummy dolls, jungle pots, silver cast crucifixes and Cuzco paintings: They are all being misrepresented on Ebay right now! How can you be sure you're not bidding on a newly made "ancient relic"?? I've been trading in Latin American handcrafts and silver for more than 21 years and since I have been browsing and selling on Ebay, I have noticed that most of the Latin American items being sold as antiques on Ebay AREN'T antiques at all! Many are replicas, old copies or simply not as described. In my website, I share all the INSIDER'S SECRETS to help you become a more savvy buyer or seller. CLICK HERE for a link to the site and to read about the MOST COMMONLY MISREPRESENTED ITEMS on Ebay. It's FREE, you don't have to register or buy anything. It's a public service from one ebayer to another.

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