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Finland Norway Sweden Denmark Faroe Islands Iceland Greenland Aland Islands 4 5 Personalised Stamps Collector s set NK 1748 Heather (Calluna vulgaris) belongs to the Heath family. (A-priority Europe) Issue: 225, miniature sheets Printing.
One of Europe's oldest stamps priced at $129,000 in 'sale of the Century'
Zurich would become Europe's second postal authority to issue adhesive postage stamps on March 1, 1843. Zurich was the first canton of Switzerland to issue adhesive stamps only months after Great Britain issued the world's first, the Penny Black.
Early Stamps in Europe: session co-organizer
SEALED PATTERNS: THE VISUAL DYNAMISM OF THE NEOLITHIC STAMPS FROM THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Goce Naumov, Institute for History of Art and Archaeology, University of Skopje, Republic. Session title: EARLY STAMPS IN EUROPE Organizers: Robin Skeates.
PIMCO's Gross to auction rare stamps for charity
Dozens of rare 19th Century Reichspost. The auction will feature about 200 stamps of Western Europe, including early stamps from. will offer stamps issued for German overseas offices and colonies, and stamps of Italy, Spain and Turkey.
The beautiful BUTTERFLIES of Libya (1981 issue) part 3
The description of this issue is divided in four sections. This is part 3 of 4. ---------------------------------------------------------- Information and photos from the website: www "Moth and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa" by Paolo Mazzei, Raniero Panfili, Ilaria Pimpinelli, Diego Reggianti ---------------------------------------------------------- The Libyan issue was released on October 1st, 1981. It is made of 16 stamps printed in minisheet, size mm.213x145 (4 stamps of 5 dirhams, 4 stamps of 10 dirhams, 4 stamps of 15 dirhams, 4 stamps of 25 dirhams). The same stamps are also printed in four single de-luxe souvenir-sheets (5dh x 4, 10dh x 4, 15dh x 4, 25dh x 4). minisheet of 16 (detail of 4 stamps of 15 dirhams each) Nymphalis antiopa - (Linnaeus, 1758) Common name: Camberwell Beauty - Family: Nymphalidae Nymphalinae Nymphalini larva Euphydryas desfontainii - (Rambur, 1858) Common name: Spanish

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