The Gold and Silver Mine: Getting into collecting on a budget – try exonumia
Collecting exonumia opens one up to a very broad and varies field of. If you want to pursue an area of collecting that is relatively inexpensive, let me introduce you to exonumia, the definition of which is numismatics that are not coins or paper money.
Guide to EXONUMIA Dealers at the A.N.A. Convention.
Large exonumia auction catalog available. Americana of all kinds including autographs; Paper money including Colonial, obsolete, Confederate and foreign. Largest inventory of US Paper money Errors. US Coins, Presidential. We publish, too.
Buying and Selling Collectible Coins and Exonumia Online
wooden money and wooden nickels, box-coins, love tokens, hobo nickels, popout-coins, encased postage. Buying and Selling Collectible Coins and Exonumia Online. Coin collecting is an umbrella term that includes related items like paper money.
The Gold and Silver Mine: Exonumia Part 3
This is known as exonumia, and is a relatively easy opportunity to put together an inexpensive but interesting. This continues my examples of collecting items that are related to the field of numismatics, but are not really true coins or paper money.
Washington Dollar Errors
But, that too was short lived, by a striking error of over 150,000,000 coins. The news media tonight, 03-07-07 Wednesday nite, claimed that the U.S. Mint, found an error amoungst 300,000,000 new Washington Dollar coins. The U.S.Mint claimed that maybe over half of the coins, fave errors, on them. The craze will be over, when people realize, that the local banks, and collectors and graders have the coins. Already on e-bay, at the 10pm hour, there was a report that the coins were already selling at over $100.00 each. At Yahoo, at their on line auction house, there coins were selling for over $300.00 each, and the prices keep going up. The U.S.Mint was amazed, because the stamping was to deep on some coins, not deep enough on other coins, and some coins were misaligned, when the stamping occured. The U.S.Mint, is not infallable; and yet, when the craze dies down, people will become aware, that there are more than enough coins, to make everyone happy. This was a declaration by the U.S. Mint. Myself, personally. I don't really care. I am just collecting a few coins, again.After a long absence from it. Just for when money gets tight. I will have the right coins, to sell, for anyone who collects the pcgs slabbed coins. But mostly, I collect the odd ones. The coins, no one really cares about anymore. The pre-statehood coins. It's nice to see that our FEderal money is going to recognise all of our past Presidents with a memorial coins, that will be in circulation for everyone, so there wont be a made craze over it.

Ecuador coins, paper money and phonecards
Ecuadorian old coins, paper money and phonecards - English version.