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5 Main Tips for Collecting Rare Sports Cards!
When purchasing a sports card as a new hobbyist in the market, make sure you remind yourself to check off some of these tips below. One of America's greatest pastimes, collecting sports cards is one of the most intriguing and exciting hobbies. It combines our love of sports along with the hobby of collecting. In my own opinion, sports and collectible trading cards have always been a perfect marriage from the start, as it allows us the venue to follow on the sports we are so passionate about as well as cherish and treasure the sports cards of the players we love! There are many different kinds of collectors in the hobby of sports cards today. There are of course all the different sports, and then there are also vintage cards versus the modern cards. Since I am no expert at baseball cards or vintage baseball cards, I will limit this guide to football and basketball cards. For the record, I do not consider cards in the 1980's to be "vintage". As a sports card collector of almost 20 years, I like to think that I am a decent expert at modern cards. The debate of whether or not we should be collecting vintage versus modern is a whole different topic altogether. The fact remains, modern sports cards are still very popular and the hobby of sports cards as a whole is not going anywhere. Here below, I will try to list out the key important factors and contributors when collecting modern football and basketball cards.

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