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Kids can create aquarium magic with 'Fish Tycoon'
You earn the needed money by selling your grown fish in your pet store. With Fish Tycoon, a simulation game for Windows PCs, families can have all the fun and none of the mess while maintaining three tropical fish aquariums. and fish supplies. Debuts Online Store For Fish Supplies
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Caring for a Living Coral Reef
A protein skimmer or foam fractionator is a filter used to remove food and waste particles. Coral reefs are diverse ecosystems found in the shallow, warm waters of the tropics. Many people enjoy building miniature version of a living coral reef with a saltwater aquarium. The colorful coral and tropical fish make these some of the most beautiful and interesting saltwater aquariums. People also call them mixed species aquariums, reef aquariums, mini reef aquariums, or micro reef aquariums. Here's some more information on how to care for a living coral reef.FiltrationSince invertebrates like corals need very clean water that is low in waste, make sure not to add too many fish to the aquarium. Reef tanks also need more sophisticated filtration equipment than other types of aquariums. A power filter is one of the least complicated filter systems. A pump pulls water from the tank across an activated carbon filter. A refugium is a more natural way to filter toxins from living coral. Most people keep them underneath the main aquarium.Refugiums often contain plankton, algae, snails, and small sea stars. These organisms filter the water naturally. Some people also use refugiums to raise tiny brine shrimp, copepods, and other organisms for fish like seahorses to feed on.

New Life International
Fish farm that specializes in African Malawi Cichlids. Manufactures New Life Spectrum fish food and produces books on marine aquariums and plants.