Brilliant Stained Glass Mosaics
Glass-on-glass. Brilliant Stained Glass Mosaics combines two popular crafts into one exciting new art form. While most traditional opaque mosaics can be attractive and fun, they lack the creativity and excitement provided by the addition of stained glass.
The Tile Commandments: Glass mosaics are centuries old
Working with glass mosaics on a project is a lot of fun! I just love how creative one. Growing up in the stone and tile business, I traveled to Italy many times. they are especially famous for their gold leaf mosaics — one of their oldest crafts.
Stained Glass Mosaics
of tools and equipment are well done as are their layouts, and the “play-by-play” instructions that cover both direct and indirect methods of creating glass mosaics are clear and concise. Certainly more craft-than art-oriented, Stained Glass Mosaics.
The Art of MOSAICS
Twenty-four of her works included mosaics of glass tiles on mesh and glass. Some people see mosaic designs in magazines but are not aware that the same things in the magazine are available right here." Art & Mosaics is the first solo exhibition by Seale.
Natural Beach & Sea Glass Sea and Beach glass is created from discarded shards of broken glass, dumped into our lakes and ocean. Over time these shards of broken glass known as sea & beach glass develop a smooth shape and a frosted patina as a result of years and sometimes centuries of being tumbled by the waves, sand and surf. Hunting for these treasures is a thrill for beachcombers. Sea and Beach Glass has many uses. For decorating purposes, just simply displayed in jars, arts and crafts, mosaic projects, and it is used to create beautiful jewelry. If you would like to share your beachcombing stories of some special beach & sea glass finds, or you may have comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us. Thank you! Thank you & Happy Beachcombing

Toby Mason: Reflective Glass Mosaics
Mosaics of colored mirror, a new mosaic medium, in an online art gallery.