Hearth to Hearth: Home Canning in the Summertime
Hearth to Hearth: Home Canning in the Summertime – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – September 2000 Home canning was not always that heavy-duty summer-time activity we visualize when we think of women’s work in the past. Preserving?
Hearth to Hearth: Women in Food Advertising
As they continued to be the practitioners of home cooking, they became the obvious targets of those selling kitchen wares and foods. Hearth to Hearth: Women in Food Advertising – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – October 2002.
Home Hearth & Cottage
In 2008, Home Hearth & Cottage acquired locally owned Basket Bliss. Established in Kamloops in 2005, Home Hearth & Cottage is a retail store offering a unique selection of gifts, bath and body care, baby items, gourmet items, country d̩cor and antiques.
Hearth to Hearth: Sausage Making in America
However, in the absence of geared or mechanical labor saving devices, the task of chopping sausage meat and fat and evenly. Hearth to Hearth: Sausage Making in America – The Journal of Antiques. make sausage at home without much specialized equipment.
Recognizing Hall Teapots Lid by Lid
We who collect teapots are so sad to see a teapot without a lid I thought to start this guide with teapot lids only! Happily some of the complete pots are pictured lower in the guide. From the upper left we have an oval lid from 1. Aladdin in Cobalt with Special Gold decoration. All gold decoration on Hall teapots is 22 karat gold. 2. Philadelphia 6 cup Hearth Scene decoration. Regarding the Hearth scene:Kitsch to many but endearing to me the Hearth scene includes a portrait painting of a man in a raccoon skin cap, a black cat resting by a rocking chair and an ancient rifle displayed on the wall all very Davey Crockett or Daniel Boone-ish. This particular pot dates from the 1960's. It has the pre 1970 Hall stamp. Many other pots like this are later as they display the square stamp. The Hearth scene is related in design to Sillhouette and to Minuet decals. Silhouette decal coffee pots were given away free mid century to coffee customers. 3. Daisy Gold Label French teapot 6 cup4. Monterrey Green Gold Label Los Angeles 6 cup5. At left, Standard Gold Black Aladdin with oval lid6. French style Hall teapot in Warm Yellow for Lipton Tea Company (marked Lipton Tea on bottom)7. Standard Gold Maroon Aladdin with round lid 6 cup standard body8. NOT Hall! With tiny Gold flowers, Turquoise Blue (aqua) Standard Gold Drip-o-Lator Coffee Pot made by Pearl China Company for the Enterprise Aluminum Company. You will see the pot listed on eBay as Hall. The backstamp is different from Hall pots made by Hall for Enterprise. This backstamp includes one extra line of text: The

Belle Hearth Bed and Breakfast
Lodging in Victorian home with antiques and seven fireplaces. Convenient to I-64, I-81, Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.