2013 Jaguar XF Track Test
Jaguar's parent company, Tata, invested billions in the purchase and expansion of Jaguar. Cars, trucks, SUVs, we run them all. along with comments direct from the test drivers. Enjoy. Jaguar wants to sell cars. Jaguar needs to sell cars.
Jaguar XJS
Even Jaguar's naming pattern changed as a. Jaguar produced 115,413 cars. The Jaguar XK8 replaced the Jaguar XJS thereafter. About the Jaguar XJS The Jaguar XJS is known for instigating the merger between the luxury sports car brand and British Leyland.
Goodwood 2013: Jaguar Cars
0 liter V8. So far, we have showed you three cars from Jaguar that were at the Goodwood Festival of Speed which ends today. They are the Jaguar XJR, Jaguar XFR-S and the limited edition Jaguar XKR-S GT; all these cars are powered by Jaguar’s 5.
Used Jaguar XK Cars
Every Miami used Jaguar. Miami Used Jaguar XK Cars. Use Yahoo! Autos to find Jaguar XK used cars in Miami or other nearby cities. You can refine your search for Miami Jaguar XK used cars by make, model, year, price, mileage, or distance from your zip code.
Jaguar Cars Pt5:XJ Series III,XJ-S HE,XJ6,XK8,XJ40 (s)
6 litre model and a brand new cabriolet with rigid targa roof panels and a folding rear section. Jaguar Cars - Part 5 This is one of many illustrated classic car guides I've created for the community. I hope you enjoy it. If you wish to find out more about the classic Jaguar car art featured in this guide please click here. This guide includes the following classic jaguar car models: Jaguar XJ Series IIIJaguar XJ-S HEJaguar XJ6 (XJ40)Jaguar Sovereign (XJ40)Jaguar XJ6 (X300)Jaguar XK8 Jaguar XJ Series 3 In 1979 the Jaguar XJ saloon entered its Series II phase, and was now even prettier thanks to styling touches by Pininfarina. These included a new grille, more glass and a sleeker roof. In keeping with Jaguar's reputation for good value, the 3.4-litre saloon continued, with twin Sus and cloth upholstery (£12,750) but 4.2-litre cars now benefited from fuel-injection. The ultimate XJ saloon, the XJ12 continues in SIII guise five years into XJ40 period until 1992. Jaguar XJ-S HE The second generation XJ-S arrived in 1981, fitted with new May-designed "Fireball" heads, which raised power (now 299bhp) and importantly improved fuel economy. Christened the XJ-S HE (High Efficiency) it received 6 ½ inch wheel rims and an elegant new interior, with wood veneer on facia and door cappings. The range was expanded in 1983 by the addition of a 3.

Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust
Jaguar Cars' official heritage site and museum. Provides a definitive information resource for Jaguar classic vehicles and the many other marques associated with the company.