Easy way to display baby keepsakes (or any keepsakes!)
of Robert’s birth announcement and she. Of course, there are a few keepsakes that I have to keep. I can’t bear to toss out my sons’ birth announcements or their hospital hats, which is why I came up with an easy way to display baby keepsakes.
Sibling Birth Announcements: DIY Kids Craft
Involve siblings in. Glue on a picture of the new baby to complete the card. These sibling birth announcements won't look professional, but Grandma and Grandpa will appreciate the one-of-a-kind homemade creation. Handprint. make wonderful keepsakes.
Baby Clothing Keepsakes
Almost any kind of baby shoe can be bronzed. Hold on to some of the memories with baby accessories and infant clothing keepsakes. Here are some ideas for. Parents and grandparents have bronzed baby shoes and kept them as baby keepsakes for decades.
Turning your Scrapbook Layouts into Invitations and Announcements
Page Announcements (with fitted envelopes), ready to send to all your friends! Just think of the possibilities for how you can make your scrapbook page become Mini Page Announcements… Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baby. Creating Keepsakes.
Baby Bath Seat Safety Tips
If you have a little one then you are probably like most parents and are thrilled when your baby is big enough to to sit in a baby seat in the bathtub. It is so much easier then trying to hold and bathe a slippery baby! Bath seats to require some extra safety vigilance. Follow these tips to ensure that your baby suds up safely: 1. Never leave your infant's side - even for a second! Within arms reach is the maximum recommended distance! 2. Don't multitask while you are in the bathroom with your baby! Focus entirely on your little one! 3. Use as little water as possible! About an inch of water is enough to clean your baby and allow them to have fun splashing! 4. Stop using the seat as soon as your baby tries to climb out of it or becomes to big to fit inside it comfortably. If you follow these simple tips then your babies bathtime will be a safe and fun time!

Clear Preservations
Baby shoes and keepsakes preserved with its details and colors.