Sportsfan Pro Lighting Provides High Quality Tiffany Style Lamps
The types of lamps that they offer include floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, a variety of different kinds of touch lamps, accent lamps. The company offers home decor sports lamps and lighting products that are highly functional, and are of high quality.
Antique Oil Lamps and Chimneys
I don’t get into gas or electric. I started out collecting miniature lamps and built up a collection of maybe forty, nothing high end, just mid range collectibles. on lighting in general, but they also focus on kerosene lighting which is what I do.
Table lamps can help light the way to creative decor
Lamps as collectibles As something to collect. "They're the lights I want. He collects lamps. "I have a big collection of vintage modern lighting, machine-age stuff," he said. He recommends lamps as an opportunity to collect design on a manageable scale.
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On the decorative side we are agents and partners with many well known companies around the world such as XAL, Lightyears, Artemide, Carpyen, Mariner, Astro, Terzani. outdoor lighting of all kinds with ranges from basic to high end designer products.
Your Guide to Buying a Vintage Glass Lamp
Every room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting, and some accent lighting to set the mood. Vintage glass lamps span a wide spectrum of designs, types, and energy usage. Early lamps burned oil from an absorbent wick. These antique oil lamps generally burned kerosene and had a cylindrical glass shade to ensure good oxygen flow to the flame while protecting it from the drafty air. The ability of this type of lamp to stay lit, even in a strong breeze, gave them the name hurricane lamps. The Fenton hurricane lamp is a popular vintage lamps; however, many vintage lamps are available, and their design, shape, and details make them highly collectible items. Vintage glass lamps are hot commodities among consumers, but there are several things that buyers should consider when searching the market. Table Lamp vs. Floor Lamp Lamps are an essential to any well-lit room, but they also make a big impact on the home's overall decorative look and feel.

Richard Miller Lamps
Specializes in antique student lamps, kerosene oil lighting, Tiffany and non-Tiffany leaded lamps, early gas and electric lighting.