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Is Mexico part of Latin America?
Latin America is loosely defined as those countries in North and South America that speak Spanish, Portuguese or. Contract attorney. When not working I teach karate, collect stamps, write books, and play the ukulele. Yes, Mexico is part of Latin America.
R&D in Latin America: RF and Microwave Research in Latin America
Through this article, the authors aim to present, at a glance, the state of development in the fields of RF and microwaves in the following countries: Argentina, Mexico, Perú. Abstract: Latin America. diversity that Latin America offers the world.
Stamp Ministry collects used stamps to fund missions in Latin America
Publicaciones Alianza is a publishing house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is dedicated to creating Christian Education. The sales of the used stamps generate funds to support missions and a special project in Latin America called the “Sunday School.
My interest in Latin America was aroused by stamps sent to me from Buenos Aires by a friend of my father before the war and by reading John Gunther's 'Inside Latin America' in about 1940,'' said John Brooks, who has edited the past 11 editions of the handbook.
Portuguese stamps value
There are some known falsifications of classic stamps; some reach a good market value. The best Portuguese stamps catalogue is the Afinsa. Every year a new edition is printed. There is also an Afinsa catalogue for the Portuguese ex-colonies. The values indicated in the catalogue do not correspond to the stamps exact market value in Portugal. Specialized shops sell all stamps with a 20% discount. Almost all stamps can be found in the flee market at 50% catalogue value. These are buying values; if you are selling stamps to a professional seller you should consider 25% of catalogue value as acceptable. The value of classic stamps will vary depending on the size of the margins. Catalogue value refers to normal sizes. Large margins can value up to four times the catalogue value. Hinged mint stamps will have their value reduced about 50%. When buying classic Portuguese mint stamps be careful, as there are later reprints that are difficult to distinguish from the original ones and have a much lower value.

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