Fiilex K412 Lighting Kit #FLXK412


Arri M8 HMI Lamp Head #L1.37200.B

Creative Studio Photography & Lighting
There were so many bodies floating around, cameras snapping and lights. This group has been setup so you can can showcase your studio images. You can ask for critiques on your image lighting. during a group photo session in Greg's studio back in 2012.
Simulate Lighting in a Virtual Photo Studio with set.a.light 3D STUDIO
The program is like a fancy 3D version of the online lighting diagram and lighting simulation apps we’ve featured in. It’s called set.a.light 3D STUDIO, and is, according to Elixxier, the world’s first software dedicated to photo studio simulation.
Photo Studio Lighting
Participants will learn how to balance. Saturday, May 25th Teaching Artist: John Southern Studio: Photo Studio Available Seats: 8Full Description: In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of photo studio lighting to achieve professional results.
Studio Lighting
including light modifiers such as strip soft boxes, large softboxes, grid panels, beauty dishes, diffusers or portable studio lighting options. At Park Cameras we offer a wide selection of studio lighting solutions for all your photography lighting.
Photograph your items for improved business
PHOTOS are an important part of selling online I'm more apt to buy something I can see a photo of. I have been introduced to PHOTO STUDIO IN A BOX. I highly recommend it. There are also sites on the web telling how you can make your own photo studio box set up. The steps to taking photos with the PSIAB are simple and the photos much better than the ones I took before adding this to my business supplies. 1. Take out the items Spread the fold up photo studio box adhere three sides together which gives you a photo tent with a backdrop. 2. set the item you want to take a picture of inside the photo box 3. set up the two lights one on each side of the tent 4. set up the tripod and digital camera (camera does not come with kit) Boom you have a studio to take professional product pictures of the items you are selling. I have the small studio box, they do make a few different sizes for bigger items. As I said there are also directions on the web for making a box out of a cardboard box, tissue paper etc.. Experiment until you find what works best for you. Have fun with your photos!

JTL Studio Systems
Provides studio lights, camera supplies, light stands and kits, reflectors, backdrops and photographic accessories