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In the beginning, selling the textiles was a bonus. Now it is a. substantial market for collectible linens? A:Definitely. I have many collectors as wonderful customers.Q:What are the most durable textiles in table linens and bed linens?
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A better way to shop antiques! more Doilies, Lace, Crochet, Doilies, Textiles, Linens , Antique Lane Doilies, Lace, Crochet, Doilies, Textiles, Linens. Textiles, Linens. Collection of quality antique furniture, silverware, jewelry, books and much more.
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$300-400 1589 Moynat Steamer Trunk with Textiles, including table linens. $300-400 1586 Large Collection of Mostly Antique Clothing. 200-400 1588 Small Collection of Linens and Lace, including monogrammed table linens, cutwork, and a damask tablecloth.
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company manufactures bed linens, bath linens, table linens. Also showing as temporary exhibitors: East India Company (Suite 420): innovative home textiles concepts in a wide range of fabrics made in India.; Hallmart Collectibles.
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This Guide was written by me, little "B" to give you some "Helpful Hints" on Cleaning & Restoring Vintage & Antique Linens. I do not claim to be an "Expert On Cleaning" nor a "Professional Cleaner" just a Gal who has a Love for "Old" textiles and is willing to share her "Laundry Secrets" in "Laymen's Terms" : ) After experimenting with an assortment of different products, I have finally found a treatment that is effective and yet gentle enough for some of the most delicate antique linens & lace. First things Try to avoid Chlorine Bleach, I understand that some of you Gals know how to handle the "Bottle" on newer more modern textiles, but when working with Vintage and Antique pieces, this is a big "No,No" Also remember not all Linens are "White" so if it was not White to start with, why try & change it? Some antique fabrics have an Oyster Color, which is quite Beautiful & blends just fine with pure White : ) Others have a Natural Color & nubby look, also I advise for Whites "Sun Bleaching" just place your item on a cloth & lay it flat in the Sun, make sure to check it frequently, especially if it also has a little color such as: Embroidery,in which case the rays may fade the thread!Women have been doing it for

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Large selection of antique linens and textiles, including tablecloths, bed linens, shams, and handkerchiefs.