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A better way to shop antiques! more Doilies, Lace, Crochet, Doilies, Textiles, Linens , Antique Lane Doilies, Lace, Crochet, Doilies, Textiles, Linens. Textiles, Linens. Collection of quality antique furniture, silverware, jewelry, books and much more.
Local woman an expert
In the beginning, selling the textiles was a bonus. Now it is a. substantial market for collectible linens? A:Definitely. I have many collectors as wonderful customers.Q:What are the most durable textiles in table linens and bed linens?
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Antiques; Arts, Galleries & Studios; Bed. Handwoven silk, scarves, silk fabric, silk scarves,textiles, Bread Crumb Link. Antiques > Linens & Textiles (Pre-1930. Bath Sets Kits Body. Things to Do Hudson Valley | Calendar of Events Hudson Valley.
Best for antiques: The Antiques Garage and GreenFlea Market
There are holy linens! Long Islander Kay Mertens has collected vintage textiles for more than 40 years, and her booth, Kay Mertens Vintage Textiles, is swathed with silk brocades ($10--$. More than 100 vendors fill the bi-level Antiques Garage. 7.
Tips for Cleaning Vintage & Antique Linens & Textiles
This Guide was written by me, little "B" to give you some "Helpful Hints" on Cleaning & Restoring Vintage & Antique Linens. I do not claim to be an "Expert On Cleaning" nor a "Professional Cleaner" just a Gal who has a Love for "Old" textiles and is willing to share her "Laundry Secrets" in "Laymen's Terms" : ) After experimenting with an assortment of different products, I have finally found a treatment that is effective and yet gentle enough for some of the most delicate antique linens & lace. First things Try to avoid Chlorine Bleach, I understand that some of you Gals know how to handle the "Bottle" on newer more modern textiles, but when working with Vintage and Antique pieces, this is a big "No,No" Also remember not all Linens are "White" so if it was not White to start with, why try & change it? Some antique fabrics have an Oyster Color, which is quite Beautiful & blends just fine with pure White : ) Others have a Natural Color & nubby look, also I advise for Whites "Sun Bleaching" just place your item on a cloth & lay it flat in the Sun, make sure to check it frequently, especially if it also has a little color such as: Embroidery,in which case the rays may fade the thread!Women have been doing it for

The Linen Room
Large selection of antique linens and textiles, including tablecloths, bed linens, shams, and handkerchiefs.