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Middle East 101
November 20 in Middle East History The events that shaped the Middle East on this. At a news conference in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt admitted he only knew of Bahrain because he collected stamps, while Eleanor admitted to not know about the kingdom at all.
Has anyone gotten into trouble in the Middle East due to Israeli stamps on your passport?
I have traveled in the Middle East. I issued many such passports when I was assigned to the US Embassy in Bahrain. stamps passports at Ben Gurion airport. (See No more Israeli passport stamps) There may still be stamps given at land and sea borders.
Early Middle Eastern stamps, like Islamic. Afghanistan in 1871, the Hijaz (now part of Saudi Arabia) in 1916, and Yemen in 1926. Elsewhere, British, French, and Italian colonial officials in the Middle East designed the first stamps for their jurisdictions.
Middle East Cruise Basics
you have Israeli stamps in your passport. For fall trips, the handful of Middle East itineraries available are actually repositioning cruises as ships move from Europe to the Far East. On European lines, you could potentially find cruises at other times.
New Iraqi Dinar SURGES! Invest NOW in the Iraqi dinar!
A few misguided, un-informed individuals are using this forum to spread gloom and doom about the New Iraqi Dinar, its appreciation and the state of the Iraqi economy. Some have went as far as to question sellers' motives for selling this currency. Don't believe it! Are you an investor? vastly undervalued or when fully valued or overvalued? Of course, you want to invest when the currency is at a all-time low. Those all-time "lows" come when a country, unfortunately, is at war, in a state of anarchy. and yet the New Iraq Dinar continues to surge. This currency when first introduced went 5000 to 1 U.S. Dollar. Today's rate is 1249. is that not a 400 percent increase in 4 years time! Let's briefly look at the Middle East and its make-up. The majority of the Middle East counties are Arab countries. These countries are geographically located close to each other. These countries share common natural resources. Saudi Arabia is one of the more wealthy of these Middle East countries. The Saudi's wealth is derived primarily from one resource, oil. The Saudis have tapped their resource for a number decades. The Saudis have produced so much oil and so regularly that they have been able to manipulate the supply of oil on the world market, single handedly, when needed. Iraq has just begun to tap into their valuable resource. Iraq may very well have more oil underground than Saudi

Stamps of Jordan
An illustrated guide to Jordanian stamps from 1920 till present time.