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Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Parts in Minneapolis, MN
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Triumph Motorcycles could dump CKD assembly plans in India due to low demand
On the other hand, bigger engined motorcycles like the Triumph. At these prices, buying these Triumph motorcycles make no sense for the Indian high performance motorcycle enthusiasts, who can indulge in much more powerful motorcycles at these price points.
Electric motorcycles zoom across US, take on Pikes Peak
Motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles are set to take on an ambitious challenge when they tackle the. Electric motorcycles are taking on some impressive challenges these days. A Moto-Electra Racing all-electric motorcycle just crossed the U.S. in 3.5 days.
Edmond police want to switch to BMW motorcycles
If the purchase is approved, the new motorcycles are. They also talked to officers at other police agencies. Edmond switched to Harley-Davidsons in 2006 when Kawasaki stopped making police motorcycles. The old motorcycles will be auctioned online.
Things to consider when buying a new motorcycle
Make sure you know the track record of your motorcycle. Are you new to motorcycling? Have you been riding for a while and you're thinking about getting a new motorcycle? With all the new, redesigned motorcycles on the market today, the choice becomes more and more difficult. Here are some things to consider when purchasing that new motorcycle. Size One of the most important things to consider is the size of the engine and motorcycle. For some of the smaller riders our there, certain motorcycles are just way too big. That said, there are also numerous modifications that can be made to all types of motorcycles to tailor them to the rider. If you're a new rider, size is even more important, as larger motorcycles are generally more difficult to handle than smaller ones. Power/Engine Know how large of a motor you're looking for. Even the smallest motors can generate a lot of power, especially with sport motorcycles. Be sure you can handle the motorcycle you buy. This is especially important for newer riders who are not familiar with how motorcycles handle. Also, when considering the engine size, larger engines typically cost much more to insurance than smaller engines on a similar motorcycle. Insurance Call your insurance company to make sure they insure motorcycles. Certain providers do not insure motorcycles due to their high liability. In addition, get quotes for motorcycles you're considering. Some motorcycles are much more expensive to insure than others. Usually, engine size plays a large factor into the cost of insurance. Maintenance Reliability and maintenance costs can add up quickly.

Two Motorcycles to Ride
Photographs and history of my Russian Ural and Italian Moto Guzzi Jackal Motorcycles.