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Gear for Goals G4G taking donations sports/musical gear
If you are looking to clear your gear for spring and make some room in your garage or closets, we can use your sports equipment and musical instruments to help. Gear for Goals (G4G) is now accepting new and used sports equipment and musical instruments.
How to Decorate With Old Musical Instruments
Use small toy organs with flat tops as a base for a short. Musical instruments suffer a lot of abuse over the years: Pads wear off of woodwind instruments. Use the inner area of the piano for storing musical gear such as cables, or for stashing books.
Thieves steal instruments, gear from Chicago band traveling through KC
" They say some of the items are vintage and one-of-a-kind instruments. A trailer full of instruments and musical gear belonging. Not hopeful, but here is the gear list. It sucks people are so bad off they do things like this. #FixTheSystem.
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We deals in String instruments. Rikhi Ram’s offers have our own well equipped workshop and perfectly skilled professionals to design and develop unique professional Indian musical instruments like all type Buy Musical Instruments and many more.
ACE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ~ AKA ACEPRO Ace Musical Instruments, LTD. Is a Korean based guitar and bass guitar manufacturer which produces its range of musical instruments and accessories in Shandong Province, China. The company was founded on March 29, 2004 although the president of the company (Mr. Gil Hyo-Park) has been working in musical instrument development and construction since the 1980s. Ace Musical Instruments' products carry the branding Acepro and most models are entry level based on popular American Guitars, such as the Fender Stratocaster, however a few of their guitars are higher-end and designed by Acepro themselves. At this time of writing there is no known US distributor or importer of Acepro products however several UK guitar specialists sell them as low cost alternatives to big name models. SOME ACE GUITARS & ACCESSORIES AE-100 orange Chrome Hardwarekluson TunersHard Maple NeckRosewood 25-1/2Bolt on NeckBasswood Body3S, 1V, 2T, 5wayVintage Tremolo AB-100 TG Chrome HardwareDiecast TunersTwo Way Truss RodHard Maple NeckRosewood 34Bolt on NeckBasswood BodyPB, 1V, 1TEB-6

RMC Audio Direct
Offers musical instruments and pro-audio and recording gear.