Trading cards offer glimpse into Edmonton art scene
Artist trading cards are also good for my friends who are. While artist trading cards are the same size as more familiar sports trading collectibles, they're typically one-of. I make some cards because I'm not worrying about wasting tons of supplies.
Valve rolls out Steam Trading Cards
Participants in the new Steam Trading Cards beta will receive special virtual cards themed after their games. Two: Collectibles. Lots and lots of collectibles. Mostly hats, of course. But also achievements, coupons, and now... virtual trading cards.
"The Incredibles" Movie Inspires Collectible Cards
UDE specializes in collectible trading cards and games such as the wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, Marvel Trading Card Game, DC Trading Card Game, Nicktoons Trading Cards, and the new Bratz Trading Card Game. ... sports cards and collectibles.
Sell Your Sports Cards, Trading Cards and Memorabilia
in facilitating the sale of vintage and moderate to high dollar modern. We buy baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards, miscellaneous sports collectibles and sports memorabilia, as well as entertainment related trading cards.
Nonsport trading cards
What is this guide about? eBay has opened up a new world for collectors of all things. Unlike many other collectables, trading cards are easy to mail and are not fragile (if packed properly). This makes them particularly suitable for buying and selling internationally. This guide is to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur. While it is oriented to nonsport trading cards, the same principles apply to sports cards (eg football) and collectable card games (eg Magic). What sort of cards are available? Most recent card sets are based on popular television shows and movies, like Star Trek, Buffy or CSI. However, there are also card sets covering many other interests, such as cars or history. Within a card set, there are many different card types. Unfortunately, there is inconsistent terminology and many specialist terms. Here are some common terms that may be used. Common / base cards: In the card packets, these are the majority of the cards. There are usually about 100 base cards to a set and are often sold as sets. Chase / insert cards: These cards are rarer, up to one per pack but usually fewer. Memorabilia cards: These rare cards have a piece of costume or prop attached to the card. Different companies use different terms, but some of the more common ones are costume, pieceworks, prop and relic. Autograph cards: These rare cards have been individually signed by the relevant actor. This is different from obtaining a signature on some other card (such as a base card). Sketch cards:

Comic Images
Comic images is one of the largest publishers of non-sport trading cards and collectibles in the United States.