Perfect Memorials Launches Three New Pet Cremation Urns
For a comprehensive. EDEN PRAIRIE, MN--(Marketwire - Mar 7, 2013) - Perfect Memorials, the company that carries the largest collection of memorial products in the world. of design and manufacturing of affordable pet cremation urns and pet memorials.
Pet Memorials - Ways To Remember and Honor Your Pet's Life
How did you get into the business of pet memorials and memorial products? Adam Fried: My first cat passed a number of years ago. He specializes in pet urns and memorials and offers insight into this aspect of planning - what to do with pet cremains.
Perfect Memorials Introduces Biodegradable EcoUrns Ahead of the Earth Day Holiday
Perfect Memorials offers the largest collection of memorial products in. Their list of memorial products offered includes cremation urns, cremation jewelry, pet urns, outdoor memorials, and many other types of personalized and custom-made memorial products. Unveils New Range of Glass Cremation Urns
memorial rocks, cremation art along with pet memorials, pet urns, pet keepsakes, pet cremation jewelry, pet grave markers and pet caskets and many other memorial- and funeral-related products. Every item from this new range of Glass Cremation Urns.
How to Select the Right Size Cremation Urn
The volume for these urns is typically 400 cubic inches to 500+ cubic inches. Dealing with the cremation of a loved one can be difficult, and choosing how to memorialize them can be a very personal decision. Several options are available when choosing a cremation urn. The most common confusion comes when trying to select the appropriate size urn. Finding the right size urn is easy. For example - a 200 pound individual will require a 200 cubic inch urn. This means you will need 1 cubic inch for every 1 pound.It is common to select a cremation urn larger then your required size. Below we outline some common urn sizes and definitions.Keepsake Urns & Cremation JewelryKeepsake urns and cremation jewelry are crafted to hold either a small portion of remains, or to hold the entire remains of an infant or small animal. Families will commonly choose to use keepsakes as memorials that several individuals from the family can keep with them.Typical Capacity: 1 cubic inch - 50 cubic inchesIndividual UrnsIndividual size urns are the most common size urn available today. The term 'individual' typically refers to a capacity of 200 cubic inches or greater. When choosing an urn for an individual adult this is the correct size to use. It's also common for families to choose an urn larger then 200 cubic inches for individual use. Choosing an urn that's larger then needed is a common choice among families that make the decision based on an urns design or materials that they like.Typical Capacity: 200 cubic inches - 300 cubic inchesCompanion Urns - Also known as Double Urns or Double InurnmentCompanion urns are designed to hold the remains of up to two adult individuals.

Family Pet Urns and Caskets
Sells urns, caskets, grave markers, and memorials.