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Seasonal postcards from the turn. Q: I have in my possession numerous postcards from the amusement area of Coney Island, mostly from at least 50 years. Most postcards sell in the $1 to $3 range. As with most collectibles, there are always exceptions.
Antique Postcards Of Area On Display At Museum
As the popularity of the paper items has increased, so have prices. The publishers of the postcards included a local convenience store called Reid's Bazaar and the Springfield News Co., said Smith. It featured postcards and other collectibles.
Annual show of postcards 'bigger and better than ever' - Around the Town
“Anyone who has a collection. “We’ll have not only postcards, but paper collectibles, including photographs. Topical postcards available will include subjects such as Santa Claus, military, advertising, nautical themes and the city of Cleveland.
Best Business Practices for Postcard Marketing
Boost the value of the postcards if. Postcards can also become collectibles, especially vintage ones made in the early 1900s. Therefore, come up with a unique marketing strategy by rolling out specially designed postcards to be sold as a collector’s item.
Vintage Christmas Postcards Make Wonderful Gifts
We have listed some information below to consider when buying Christmas Postcards! We hope you will find this helpful. CHRISTMAS POSTCARDS Vintage and Antique Christmas Holiday Postcards are not just for Postcard Collectors. These beautiful Vintage Christmas Postcards make great gifts for someone who is looking for something special and different for the holidays! These vintage antique Christmas postcards feature beautiful colors and details. Santa Claus is always very popular as well as Christmas Angel Postcards, Christmas Children Postcards and Lovely Red Poinsettia Flowers. Many people frame these wonderful postcards and decorate their houses or give these little minature pieces of Antique Art away as gifts.Others use them as ornaments to decorate their Christmas Trees.

CardCow Vintage Postcards
Postcards and photos including linen, pre-linen, chrome, real photo and specialty cards from 1900 through 1960's. Includes ecards and desktop wallpaper of the available items.