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Art Pottery and Glass in America, 1880s-1920s
Among the manufacturers featured are the Steuben Glass Works, Phoenix Glass Company, Rookwood Pottery, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, Biloxi Art Pottery, Paul Revere Pottery, and Matt Morgan Art Pottery.
Two Dog Pottery - Palmer - Alaska
POTTERY CERAMIC STONEWARE GOD SAVE … Made in Japan - Pottery & Glass Pottery & China Art Pottery … Vintage Wall Pocket German Alps Style, Boy with Dog Made in Japan Pottery and Glass Shop - Pottery and Glass Shop Pottery and Glass Shop - Find great.
Glass And Pottery Event Showcases Collections From Depression Era
Dealers from from across the state came together to show collections of glass. The Lincoln Land Glass and Pottery Club held its 41st annual glass and pottery show and sale this weekend. The show focuses on glass and pottery from the Great Depression era.
Antiques: Galle pottery cats among most popular
Collectors today like all Galle pottery, but most intriguing are his. enamel-decorated glass and art glass in the art nouveau style. But he also made unusual pottery from about 1874 to 1904. Galle pottery is not as well-known as Galle glass, and it is rare.
Protecting Art Glass, Furniture, Metal, Collectibles
Protecting Your Investments in Art Glass, Pottery, Furniture, Bronze, Vintage Knives and Collectibles Here are brief, but urgent, reminders on how to care for your art glass, fine pottery, furniture, bronze and metal pieces, and collectibles. The enemies of your treasures are: Tannic acid fumes from wood and paper. Ultra-violet sunlight and light in general. Oil from polish or finger prints Dust Temperature change Extremes in dryness and humidity Wear, tear and bumps Children and grandchildren (On this, we cannot help you. We have our own problems.) Guidelines for Conserving Art Glass and Pottery: Avoid temperature extremes, especially when washing. Glass can shatter. Pottery develops value-robbing crazing (thin glaze cracks). Give the dishwasher and harsh detergents a rest. Use clear tabs to protect the bottom of art glass and displayed pottery to minimize scratches and the marring of the surfaces upon which they rest. Museum Wax (that's its name) is a putty-like adhesive that holds down breakables in earthquake and child-prone zones. Sturdy pottery, such as

Bullseye Glass
Manufacturers of stained glass for lamps, architecture, kilnforming, and other glassworking arts. Glass includes ring mottles, cats paw, fracture and streamers.