Lubbock PowerSports has motorized bicycles just in time for back-to-school
PowerSports is now under new ownership, priding. They are your local source for both two- and four-wheeled powersport vehicles, specializing in Chinese brands. Lubbock PowerSports stocks over 75 to 100 units at any time! From the smallest 50cc bikes and.
2008 KYMCO Super 8 50
That being said, if you’re looking for a great Kymco 50cc scooter, you should take a long look at the Kymco Super 8. Although scooters are generally the most affordable of powersport vehicles, you still don’t want to make your.
Scott Powersports
or zipping across the freshly fallen snow on a snowmobile, they provide the total motorcycle experience. Established in 1997, Scott Powersports carries a wide selection of powersport.
Cobra Powersports Offers The First 2006 EPA Certificated 49cc 2-Stroke Scooters
In the past, motorcycles and scooters with an engine displacement of under 50cc's were exempt from EPA Certification. Cobra Powersports, the US Distributor for TGB scooters, motorcycles and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), obtained 2006 EPA Certification.
collector motorcycles guide to limited production bikes
you can still find theses every once in a while someone cleaned out there garage and decides to get rid of the toy they had sitting there for years ive personally brought one of theses back from the dead and im. there are so many really cool limited production bikes you can pick up here on ebay without breaking the bank and also command attention with these vehicles simply cause most have never even heard of them. first ill start with a personal favorite the yamaha ysr a limited production mini croch rocket it may be small but way to fun there are two motor selections one a 50cc 2 stroke and the even harder to find 80cc 2stroke japan import the 50cc stock was good for 60 mph while the 80cc pulled in with a top speed of 80+ mph both came stock street legal . most of these bikes have since been chopped up and used for racing but there are still survivors out there no doubt theses will be extinct in the up comming years. fun toy you could buy right here on ebay for less than 2000.00 a deal cause more than likely if you owned one youd be the only one in your city these were only produced for three years and that was 16 years ago last production year was 1990 in the us. next we will go to a legend the yamaha fzr 400 a three year production bike only shipped over in the states in the hand fulls now this bike is nearly impossible to find unlike its american version the yamaha fzr 600 the 400 was much lighter with its all aluminum frame .most of theses bikes were used by racers as the fzr 600 power plant was a direct bolt in so most stuffed the 400 chassie with the more poerfull 600 power plant making this bike scary its light frame with more horsepower turned it into a wheelie machine with tons of hp needless to say that was the beginning of a new era lighter bikes and more hp the fzr 400 stock was a riot fun and light corner carver with a nice ride.

Duke Powersport Video
Powersport video supplier based in the UK.