REGION: Final 2 days for the Detroit Spring Camper & RV Show
Vehicles and Campgrounds (MARVAC), the RV show features all types of new 2013 recreation vehicles — over 275 units and 50 brands displayed including folding campers, motor homes, travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheel travel trailers and toy. ...
Weirton to decide on traffic issues
box type trucks, stake body trucks, vans, etc), buses, wreckers, bucket trucks, cranes, motor homes, campers, all-terrain vehicles, boat trailers, work and tool trailers, lawn tractor trailers, horse trailers and livestock trailers will not be permitted to.
36th Annual MARVAC Flint Camper & RV Show coming to the Perani Arena & Event Center
Special discounts include folding campers from $4,000. Over 90 new recreation vehicles will be on display including folding campers, motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheel travel trailers, ranging in price from $4,000 to $120,000.
The 47th Annual Detroit Camper & RV Show Is Coming to the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi
Booths featuring parts and accessories, campground information, on site. All types of new 2013 recreation vehicles -- over 275 units and 50 brands displayed; folding campers, motor homes, travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheel travel trailers.
Towing and Trailering Basics
Open trailers are basically flat platforms or a pair of parallel tracks on which your car rides, and loading is via a pair of ramps. You've spent thousands of dollars and as many hours making your car virtually perfect, and now you're going to load it onto a trailer and go places. Although towing may look straightforward, like most things that look easy, it takes a lot of careful preparation to do it right. What will you tow with? Let's start with the tow vehicle. Every vehicle has a manufacturer;s towing limit - which should be listed in the owner's manual or on the manufacturer's website. For some vehicles, that limit is zero - you simply shouldn't tow at all. You can damage the transmission, overtax the engine and brakes, and lose control. For other vehicles, the towing limit can range from approximately 1,500 pounds for cars and small SUVs to 7,500 pounds and more for trucks and full-size SUVs. And, if you've exceeded the weight limit, the manufacturer could deny a warranty repair or void your warranty altogether. Just because your tow vehicle is rated to pull the load you have in mind doesn't mean it's ready to go. It needs the right equipment, which includes: hitches electric brake controllers wiring transmission oil coolers Many manufacturers offer complete towing packages, which are added at the factory or by the dealer. If you have any questions about whether your vehicle is ready to tow, check with the dealer. NETWORK KEY POINT 1 Never exceed your tow vehicle's manufacturer towing limit. Car Trailers There are two basic types of car trailers: open and closed.

Adventure Campers and Offroad Trailers
Photos and details of off-road camper trailers and tray back campers. Innovative design with a king size bed and large kitchen.