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The kitchen, however, is a space where it is not recommended simply because the. The materials used to produce carpets & rugs are essentially the same. Carpets and rugs are commonly used in certain parts of the home s, such as the living room and bedroom.
shiraz carpets
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Rug Cleaning New York Keeps Carpets and Rugs Clean Across the State
Carpets and rugs have different ways of how to. That is why Rug Cleaning New York offers their services at affordable rates so people won’t have to try cleaning their rugs with regular products that can damage the delicate materials of carpets and rugs.
Antique Rugs With A Soul
None of the new oriental rugs and Persian carpets out there will ever have the patina. And when applied to antique oriental rugs and carpets, the term antique implies more than age. Antique rugs and carpets with hand-spun wool and natural dyes have.
Disadvantages of Machine Made rugs
Handmade rug: Fringe is the end of the warp strings, not sewn on. Machine-Made rug: Fringe is applied. Edge is machine overstitched. Edge is hand overcast.Machine-made rugs, power-loomed rugs or Hand-tuftted rugs ( These rugs have a latex backing that is sprayed on therefore they can not be washed) and may cause an allergic reaction in some sensitive people.Machine made rugs are usually made out low quality wool or

Isfahan Carpets
Persian oriental carpets, rugs, killims and antiques from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China.