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other languages; fanzines; comic books; anime; manga; science fiction films and television series; shooting scripts; archives of science fiction writers; and science fiction. The collection embraces every branch of science fiction, fantasy, horror.
Science Fiction Evangelist Forrest J. Ackerman Dies at 92
Among his collectibles included a. Ackerman’s mark on science fiction was wide-ranging and dated back to the genre’s early development. “He was really considered the godfather, or what I call the Pied Piper of science fiction and horror.
Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film and Television Credits
cover science fiction, horror and fantasy films and. The Terror from Beyond Space were and if they are still living, or if a member of the cast of "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode of Star Trek ever appeared in a science fiction film, or what the.
SF subgenres: Superhero and super human themes in science fiction
Do you see the world through genre-coloured glasses? For more science fiction, fantasy and horror news and information, check out The Genre Traveler, the travel resource for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans.
Science Fiction Pulps Buying Guide
At the start of 1926, their were no true Science Fiction writers because their were no SF magazines to support their efforts - this fact would now change. Where did all the Amazing, Astounding, Astonishing and Scientific Wonder begin? If you have ever imagined, "Is there life on other planets?, Can man travel to other galaxies?, Is it possible to move through time?" - then you understand about having a "Sense of Wonder". Many of today's conveniences have been developed and created by scientists and inventors who consumed weekly doses of the fantastic pulps as youngsters. Their ability to imagine has supplied us with the incredible advances of the 20th Century. This article is a brief history of Science Fiction that reveals the methods to develop a collection and to discover your imagination. In the last half of the nineteenth century, novels by Jules Verne and H. G. Wells sparked interest in Scientific Romances. Through 1925, other writers began to publish similar novels and stories with more frequency in magazines like Colliers, Pearsons, All-Story, Argosy, Blue Book, Science & Invention and Weird Tales. In early 1926, Hugo Gernsback published the first all Science Fiction magazine AMAZING STORIES. It began as a magazine reprinting stories by Verne, Wells, Poe and other scientific writers.

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