Vespa GTS 300ie

San Antonio,TX,USA

Vespa 2009 LX150 - Red w/Tan Seat


Honda reflex

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1987 Honda Spree


vespa allstate 1952

New laws for mopeds and motorized scooters
The driver must stay to the. There are some special regulations for mopeds and motorized scooters: Mopeds and motorized scooters are not allowed on interstate highways. Mopeds and motorized scooters cannot travel with more than two abreast in a single lane.
Scooters Safer Than Mopeds And Motorcycles: Study
The research suggests that scooters are used for similar purposes to mopeds, but data suggests scooter riders are less. The study distinguishes mopeds from scooters under Queensland law (also NT, SA, and WA), which permits mopeds (50cc and under.
Maryland to require title and insurance for scooters and mopeds
Retailers who have been selling mopeds and scooters as cheaper and. Starting Oct. 1, owners will be required to title and insure their mopeds and scooters with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Drivers also must wear helmets and eye protection.
Global Motorcycles, Scooters And Mopeds Industry
II-20Scooter - The Term Defined II-20Facts at a Glance II-21Differentiating Scooters From Mopeds II-22The Difference Between Scooters and Motorcycles II-22Scooter-The Advantage Factor II-23Scooters - Ride Them Fast II-23Scooters - A. ...
Yamaha Scooters & Yamaha Mopeds- Yamaha Powersports!
Yamaha Scooters & Yamaha Mopeds- Yamaha Powersports! Mopeds and scooters were first introduced in 1947 in Europe. Since many countries throughout Europe had been ravaged during World War II, a cost efficient means of transporting the masses was needed. The scooter not only provided reliable transportation from town to town, but it also became a trend that would catch on throughout the rest of the world. In the United States, it took a while for scooters to catch on. During the 1980s Yamaha and Honda both introduced scooters and mopeds that were affordable, and reliable. Back then, scooters were smaller, fitting just one rider. These scooters also didn't have a great deal of storage space. Today's scooters feature higher power engines, more storage space, on board computers, and room for two passengers. Yamaha is one of the leading producers of scooters in the United States. The newest line of Yamaha scooters features larger wheelbases, more durable frames, and increased power. Some of the most popular models available today include the Morphous, the Majesty, and the Vino. The Morphous features a 249 cc engine, a trunk, and room for two passengers to ride comfortably. The Yamaha Morphous is more aerodynamic than previous scooters, which helps to protect riders from the wind and other atmospheric elements. The Majesty looks similar in design to a motorcycle, and may even be operated in faster traffic. The 16-gallon storage area is also quite impressive. The

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