Philately: A Career Option?
Philatelic literature-documents the. Postal history-study of postmarks, post offices, postal authorities etc. Cinderella philately-study of stamps that look like stamps but aren’t stamps. Revenue philately-study of stamps used to collect taxes, fees.
300 Words Essay on Philately
One interesting. Such stamps are usually limited editions. Topical or thematic philately is the study of what is depicted on the stamps. For instance, birds, insects, faces of famous people, flowers, sports, maps etc., may be featured on various stamps.
Collecting Stamps For A Living
So what is philately? It is more than. Fourth is the Cinderella philately which is the study of items that give the impression of being a stamp but aren't really stamps. Examples are Seals made available for Easter, propaganda labels, and a whole lot more.
Ukraine Philately
Loral Stamps - Specializing in Russia, Ukraine. Trevor Pateman's Philately Blog I am a collector and dealer, specialising in Russian Area and East European Philately. You can contact me at trevor@trevorpateman.co.uk. You can also find material.
The Postage Stamps of Victoria
I have assembled a comprehensive website on the postage stamps of Victoria designed to assist collectors in their understanding of this fascinating area of philately. Goto www.stampsofvictoria.com

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