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Stamping 101: Different Types of Stamping Inks
The Glue Pad isn't really a stamping ink at. Stamping in paper crafts has really. formulated to work with embossing powders, they're basically a pigment ink without the pigment. Some might be just slightly tinted so you can see where you've stamped.
Embossing Folder Stamping
I applied the inks to the side of the embossing folder that had the most surface area ~ the area. stamping with your embossing folder. I decided I wanted to kick it up a notch and use Radiant Neon Inks (from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko) for a vibrant fun card.
Rubber Stamping & Embossing Recipes
Transform your cards, crafts. with embossing powders and wonderful color combinations. Tip: When embossing small cards, as we did here, use a clothespin to hold the card so you will not burn your fingers with the embossing heat tool. Shop all stamps!
Deal-of-the-Day: Zap! Heat Tool and Stamping Supplies
CLICK HERE TO WATCH. American Crafts stamping essentials--heating tool, embossing powders, stamp pads and more! Today's add-ons feature an autumn color-scheme--extra handy for all of your Halloween and Thanksgiving cardmaking needs. Embossing is the bomb.
Flock Art
Flocking can be used for a variety of art project such as card making, stamping or paper art. Flocking can be used to make a raised velvety picture much the same way as embossing. There is no heating involved with flocking as there is in embossing making it a easy for people of all ages. Happy Flocking!

Cheddar Stamper
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