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Hot Stamping Stamps Suppliers
Types include notary stamps, endorsement stamps, return address stamps, signature stamps, specialty stamps, rib type stamps, art stamps & stock stamps. ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of standard & custom stamps including hot stamping stamps.
Invest in stamps if looking for new options
You can even find information about different. Philatelic material includes, mint stamps, used stamps, unused stamps, commemorative stamps, First-Day Covers, brochure accompanying these. details of stamps from various countries all over the world.
Reliving history with a passion for stamps
Gold and silver stamps from the GCC, scented sandalwood stamp from India, Swarovski studded stamps, Lady Diana stamps, 3D stamps, around 10,000 covers from worldwide are among. Post retirement, Shah spends a lot of time maintaining his collection of stamps.
Canada Post commemorates Canadian Titanic ties with stamps
The bow stamps are also available in a. Canada. stamps. Two show the Titanic’s impressive bow and the other two feature the stern. The stern stamps are available only on the pane of 16 stamps, which includes eight stern stamps and eight bow stamps.
Portuguese stamps value
There are some known falsifications of classic stamps; some reach a good market value. The best Portuguese stamps catalogue is the Afinsa. Every year a new edition is printed. There is also an Afinsa catalogue for the Portuguese ex-colonies. The values indicated in the catalogue do not correspond to the stamps exact market value in Portugal. Specialized shops sell all stamps with a 20% discount. Almost all stamps can be found in the flee market at 50% catalogue value. These are buying values; if you are selling stamps to a professional seller you should consider 25% of catalogue value as acceptable. The value of classic stamps will vary depending on the size of the margins. Catalogue value refers to normal sizes. Large margins can value up to four times the catalogue value. Hinged mint stamps will have their value reduced about 50%. When buying classic Portuguese mint stamps be careful, as there are later reprints that are difficult to distinguish from the original ones and have a much lower value.

C & G Stamps
Specializes in United States stamps from singles to booklets and coils. Offers include graded stamps and stamps with certificates.