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Girls and Their Gaming Consoles
However, with video games consoles doing so much more than just playing games, the question is how often do they get used to play games? I’m sure the video. In a recent study in the US, it was found that more women than men owned a video games console.
The Top 10 E3 2013 Video Games Revealed
Watch below two video reports that feature the Top 5 Xbox and the Top 5 PlayStation games presented at the E3 2013. Besides the consoles, both companies presented new games for the new generation of consoles. Games is what makes or breaks consoles.
Video Games: 3 Threats Facing Next-Gen Video Game Consoles
Tech Crunch tallied the January sales for all video game consoles (both next-gen consoles and older models) and compared that to the total number of units sold in January 2007 — the last time the video games giants had a holiday launch of new hardware.
How To Become A Video Game Developer
It is the story line or the script of the video game that creates the interest and acts as a selling point to the public. Video game industry is increasing in size at a very rapid rate with some of the world's biggest software and media companies now an integral part of the industry. This only bodes well for the future to have such illustrious companies on board; but also in the present, with hundreds of millions of dollars they are ploughing into the sector. With the increase in research and development, there also comes an opportunity for people to forge great careers in this burgeoning industry. Video game developers or video game designers (can be used interchangeably) are now in big demand. With competition between major players to provide games for consoles for companies like Microsoft, Sony – two companies with the signature consoles in Xbox and PlayStation respectively – fierce, it means competition to hire talented game developers is stronger than ever. With this, also comes the benefit of high salary and rewards for these game developers. Role and type of video game designer jobs It may seem like as if the role of a video game developer is to create video games using their programming and coding skills, however, this is just one part of it. When creating a game, there will be a steam of several, if not upwards of 10 members. They are delegated different jobs but with the aim of coming to a shared experience of putting together a highly playable game they can market to the hungry gaming public. Although their jobs are different their roles are often entwined because Programmers The video game coders or programmers - as they are sometimes known - will use their knowledge in computer languages to create the game. The focal point of every good game will be a storyline.

Consoles Sport League
International consoles games league, currently containing of several XBOX360, PS3, NDS and Wii sections.