SlingStudio Complete Premium Bundle

CyberLink Director Suite: Prosumer video, photo, and audio editing with great features and effects
The fab four: AudioDirector 3 Ultra, for fine editing and processing of. This collection of photo. editing programs—three in new versions and one new introduction—combined to form a highly competent video and photo production package.
Best 4k Cameras – Reviews & Ratings of 4k Digital, Video, and DSLR for Sale
The bottom line is that 4K is definitely here to stay, and the 4K video and photo. What Are 4K Cameras? The bottom line is that to at least some extent, all 4K cameras, from DSLRs to video production. editing features that are built into your camera.
JunkCreative Redefines Photography And Video Production
Always ensuring a touch of creativity, the company is well known for premium photography and creative video editing. From conceptualizing, to editing and post production. specification Sony cameras and other sophisticated media accessories.
46 of the Biggest Fall TV Shows Created Using Blackmagic Design Cameras and Software
Design creates the world's highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and real. Photo courtesy FX Networks.
Introduction to Spy Cameras
Spy Cameras Spy cameras originally referred to the miniature James Bond style cameras that could be concealed in a pen or a tie. Although the term still can be applied to those kind of cameras, more and more people are using "spy cameras" to mean hidden video surveillance cameras such as nanny cams. This article only deals with video surveillance types of spy cameras, although the goal for all these devices is the same: videotaping or photographing an area or a subject with a hidden camera that cannot be seen. Spy Cameras and Security Many people are starting to use video surveillance as part of a home security plan. Spy cameras alone aren't enough to keep burglars out, but they can be used in conjunction with 1) solid doors and windows with updated locks 2) window and door sensors 3) an alarm system turned on via a control panel or remote. If you can afford it, a system monitored by a remote security monitoring company is also a good idea. Now, if you have all that stuff, you may be asking, why do I need spy cameras? Many people choose to employ these tiny cameras in order to guard against theft from known visitors (repair men, child care providers, etc). You may also be interested in watching someone who is caring for your children or an elderly relative to ensure the care is up to snuff. Also, it's an extra bit of piece of mind;

Artistic Memories Video Productions
Corporate and events videography, using all-digital cameras and editing. Based in central Virginia.