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He is also the co-author of the most referenced book on antique watches, The Complete Price Guide to Watches. He…More has published numerous catalogs of fine vintage watches and antique jewelry that are mailed to select clientele around the world.
Jewelry & Watches
This shop specializes in repairing antique watches but repairs more. Antique Timepieces & Jewlery offers new and vintage clocks, watches and jewelry. Brands carried include Citizen…More watches, Hamilton bracelets and Marathon necklaces and earrings.
Latest trends in vintage jewelry & watches at Antique Jewelry & Watch Show
There will also be a wide variety of antique and vintage watches including Cartier, Patek Philippe, Rolex, and many others. dmg world media announced that the third annual New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show will take place July.
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From clothing to mirrors to jewelry if its vintage or antique. This deserves a category all its own. I wished e-bay had it! Its found in Antiques and in Victorian antiques but needs a title on its own called Victorian Items and then: Antique and Vintage so you dont have to go through all the other antiques list and all the vintage list of jewelry or furniture or other lists on its own and so on. Just Victorian items! Thanks for allowing me to speak on it!

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Collects and deals in fine vintage wrist watches and antique pocket watches.