About Us

Who is Goat Shopper?

Mr Goat is your internet friend! Goat Shopper is a shopping directory selecting amazing deals from various online auctions. In other words, it is a directory of shopping resources

What can Mr Goat do for me?

Mr Goat Shopper special algorithm selects all best deals found online. Mr Goat will then make certain recomendations based on the quality of the listing.

How is Goat Shopper different from other shopping sites?

In order to achieve best user experience focuses on certain key factors, which we do not fully discuss ad they are part of Mr Goat's secret sauce. Goat Shopper only shows the best deals found. We also show certain other relevant sites to your shopping your experience

What is the Local Browsing?

A special type of search and browsing algorithm looking for merchandise and deals nearest to major US Metropolitan Areas

Is Goat Shopper mobile or tablet friendly?

Ofcurse it is!