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Price: $15,000

Gilded Barn Driftwood Marlin

Price: $1,033.43

Jardin Plastic Aquarium Tank Plants Grass Decoration, 10-Piece, 4.5-inch

Price: $999.99

Commercial Kitchen Fish Holding Tank Decorative Salt Water Aquarium & Equipment

Price: $1,000

Artificial Water Plant Grass Decor Ornament For Fish Tank Aquarium

Price: $999.95

Aquarium retro,vintage styled, new, crafted wooden model

Price: $970

Wreckancient Warship Cave Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration

Price: $940.99

Gilded Barn Driftwood Marlin

Price: $936.95

Gilded Barn Driftwood Marlin

Price: $936.94

Castle 6.5"x4.5"x6" Aquarium Ornament Decor resin Fort Bunker house Building

Price: $927.99

Texas Holey Rocks

Price: $900

72x18 super size entertainment model all colors ten doors removeable canopy top

Price: $800

Floor Aquarium Corner Fish Tank Garden Stand Plant Shelf Decorations

Price: $699
Korea, South

Aquatic Creations Giant Galleon TWO PIECE Shipwreck Aquarium Ornament 6 ft total

Price: $775
Oak Ridge,NC,USA

Lots Artificial Plant Grass Aquarium Water Fish Tank Landscape DIY Decoration

Price: $660.63

40L Glass Enclosed Small Ecological Gift Aquarium/Cylindrical Fish Tank White &$

Price: $544.79

ARTIFICIAL REEFS Multi-Colors 24 x 14 x 12 INCHES

Price: $579.99

Live White Aragonite Aquarium Reef Sand Rock ~ Crystal Reef ***LIMITED TIME

Price: $540
Manchester Township,NJ,USA

Glass Enclosed Small Ecological Creative Gifts Aquarium/Fish Tank White &$

Price: $465.72

Oriental Fish Tank Floor Fountain Aquarium Japanese Style Indoor Decor

Price: $399
Korea, South


Price: $480
Byron Center,MI,USA

50L Glass Enclosed Small Ecological Gifts Aquarium/Square Fish Tank Black &$

Price: $402.47

50L Glass Enclosed Small Ecological Gifts Aquarium/Square Fish Tank Silver &$

Price: $402.47

50L Glass Enclosed Small Ecological Gifts Aquarium/Square Fish Tank Blue &$

Price: $402.47
Aquarium Supplies
... a statement or you need fish tank supplies to maintain your current aquarium, we have a wide selection to choose from. We can get you started with aquariums, stands, decorations, and all the aquarium supplies you need to set up an underwater landscape.
How to Make Aquarium Decor Out of Resin
Resin-molded aquarium decorations are among the most widely used, but also most expensive decorations that can be purchased at local pet stores. With a little craftiness, you can produce your own resin-molded decorations with supplies readily available at.
Best Fish & Aquarium Supply Stores In DFW
Just For Pets offers an aquarium maintenance contract with the purchase of aquarium, filters, decorations and livestock. The shop offers a full line of fish supplies including food and aquarium heaters. The shop also carries a selection of freshwater fish.
How to Make Aquarium Decorations
With a few aquarium supplies and household tools, these easy-to-make accessories are great for improving the health and behaviour of tropical fish. sprinkle aquarium gravel on top. This will make the pots blend in with the gravel substrate in the.
Fish Pond Aquarium Tank Pet Supplies LED Multi Lighting 3 Gallon for Home Office For Sale - New and Used
Decorations not included!ThisAquarium Fish Pond Tankworks well for beginner aquarium owners as it is relatively easy to set up and install.Watch beautiful tropical fish swim as you aresitting in front of your tankgently back and forth.Having an aquarium at.
Recommended Aquarium Setup for Jack Dempsey Cichlids
Use a water-testing kit to measure the pH of aquarium water. Adjust the pH with aquarium additives. These supplies are commercially available in pet stores and wherever fish and aquarium supplies are sold. Ann LaPan travels exuberantly in body and mind via.
How to Make Aquarium Decorations
With a few aquarium supplies and household tools, these easy-to-make accessories. To keep the hose on the bottom of the tank, attach a small stone or piece of driftwood with an elastic band. These weights can be added to both live plants.
Cloudy Aquarium Water - Causes and Simple Solutions
If the pH is high (>7) then your water is alkaline and may be affected by aquarium decorations, or it may just be how the tap water is in your area. Check that you are only using approved decorations from a reputable pet supply store to avoid any issues.
The Idiot Guide To The Marine Aquarium
MARINE OR FRESH WATER ? The ever pressing question of weather to keep a fresh water or advance to a marine reef aquarium is one that certainly haunted me for many years. I guess I would say that fear prevented me from taking the leap. The fear of failure. The fear of losing vast amounts of money as I watched my expensive purchases die off in droves. There is no doubt that a marine aquarium is more expensive than a fresh water tank, but the rewards are also that much greater. There is no way that a fresh water aquarium will ever stand up to a reef aquarium. That is a personal observation of course, but the whole time that I kept a F/W tank, nobody ever walked into my house and said to me "WOW! what a beautiful aquarium. Is all that stuff alive? Just look at the colors." I have had people sit in front of my reef aquarium for an hour mesmerized, and the reality is that there are many, many, more aquariums out there that are more beautiful than mine. Be that as it may, this guide is to provide to the beginning marine aquarist basic principles to help them be successful. I am going to share with you the things that nobody will tell you out right. For some reason reef keepers are loathe to give up their secrets. I have read many books, and none of them put enough emphasis on the information I am going to outline for you here. First, let me say that a marine aquarium is not as difficult as you might think. Think about it. When you were young, your mother probably had you gargle warm salt water if your throat was sore.

Aquarium Decorations
Ceramic aquarium decorations. All hand painted using lead free glazes. Guaranteed one piece delivery.

The Ceramic Factory
Manufactures handmade ceramic aquarium decorations, artificial plants and ceramic pet dishes.