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Natural Jadeite Emerald Pure Hand NCM Dragon Beast Safe Button Pixiu Grade AAA

Price: $18,000

38mm 100% Natural Ice Emerald Green Jade Jadeite Ping An Button Pendant Amulet

Price: $16,800

38mm Natural Ice Emerald Green Jade Jadeite Ping An Button Pendant Amulet DQYLB

Price: $16,600


Price: $11,950
United Kingdom
Antiques: Bridle buttons collectible as accessories
These lovely glass buttons were decorative ornaments for bridles in the late-19th. Deborah Rashkin sells horse-related collectibles and antiques at She's also an avid appreciator of bridle buttons and has about 20 pairs of matched.
Antique and Vintage Buttons
There are "Diminutive" buttons (less than 3/8" across) and "Large" buttons (greater than 1 1/4" wide), "Old" buttons (pre-1918), and "Modern/Vintage" ones (post-1918). Military buttons are in a class by themselves, with categories for flat buttons made of.
Are Vintage Buttons Valuable?
or antique buttons. Some of these collectibles are actually worth a great deal of money. In times past, buttons were often created from a wide range of materials, some of them highly prized. In some cases, these unique sewing buttons were fashioned from.
DIY: Buttons
Scrounge up extra buttons floating around in pockets, at the bottom of the dryer or in sewing kits and you can easily make many. try garage sales or craft stores to find some. Spice up hair accessories with buttons. Simply glue buttons on to the edge.
All About Collecting, Storing, and Cleaning Buttons
Being a paper artist, I find many uses for buttons including decorating greeting cards and scrapbook layouts. Dealers in 1948 were turning these new buttons out and selling them as vintage. Currently, Ashlee Buttons are vintage and have been approved.
In the digital age, where have the campaign buttons gone?
Campaign buttons have been part of American politics since the days of President George Washington. Some of the first buttons were sewn on clothes, or worn similar to a necklace. Those eventually gave way to metal buttons with fastening pins. These days.
Art & Antiques by Dr. Lori: Reading Presidential Imagery
Presidential logos, buttons, posters have their place in the realm of collectibles and memorabilia. The images associated with. The 2008 and 2012 campaign images—on buttons and other materials--actually reference some of the most famous campaign.
Explore Buttons 4, Pinback Buttons, and more!
WE'RE HERE TO BURGLE YOUR TURTS. Hah, just kidding! We're just here to sell you some cool Over the Garden Wall buttons featuring everyone's favorite silly little boy, Greg! Get yours here. Over the Garden Wall Into the Unknown 2.25" Pinback Buttons or.
BUTTON BUTTON Flea markets, antique shops, your grandmother's sewing box, the clothes at the thrift shop, the street markets, garages sales. Buttons are everywhere! Will you know which are worth keeping? Can you tell if the buttons on a vintage dress are worth many times the price of the dress? Should you ignore that jar of old buttons at teh auction? Buttons were the hottest collectible of the 1990's and still just as popular today. Practical help for the new collector is difficult to come by. Here are a few questions you might have. What's it made from? Is it old? What's it worth? Not all old buttons are collectible, and not all collectible buttons are old. And, in the button world, old is relative: to some collectors, old is 18th century, while others think that old is 1940. There are buttons for both. Buttons are addictive. You can become totally immersed in them. For me, they've been a journey throughout the world, an excusion into history, and an art appreciation course. Buttons can lead to a study of almost any subject you can think of. Some people collect only buttons that relate to their other interest; paperweight collectors collect tiny paperweight buttons, golfers collect golfing designs; dog lovers collect dog buttons. Then there are those, like me, who collect them all. The best sources for old buttons are the numerous button dealers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. There are even specialized shops that carry nothing but buttons, old and new, in Chicago, New York, London and

Hushco Buttons
USA. Supplier of metallic, passamentary, natural fiber, dorset, resin and polyester, glass, shell, and stone buttons. Offers custom design and manufacture of matching accessories.

Argentina. Supplies jeans buttons, die-cast buttons, rivets and snap fasteners to sportswear manufacturers. Includes a company profile, product specifications and technology details. [English and Spanish]