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70" Cat Tree Condo Furniture Play Toy Scratch Post Kitten Pet House Beige

Price: $1,109.98

AMAZING 46x25x78" Kitty CAT TREE CONDO Scratching Post HUGE Cat Kitten Homes

Price: $999.99
Chino Hills,CA,USA

Outdoor Wood Large Cat Shelter House Condo w/ Escape Door Small Dog House, Red

Price: $709.53

Wooden Outdoor Cat House Pet Shelter Bed Condo Kitten Furniture Home Raised Room

Price: $621.14
San Francisco,CA,USA

52" Cat Kitty Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House Toy Bed Beige

Price: $585.91

New 65 x 40 x 28 inches Durable Five Tier Condo/Bed and Cradle Cat Tree - 66 in.

Price: $548.99

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches

Price: $485.29

Cat Furniture Lotus Tree Tower Condo Wood Modern Scratch Pad Play Jump Sleep Nap

Price: $471.34
Salt Lake City,UT,USA

Cat Tree Tower Scratcher Modern Post Condo Scratching Furniture Bed Pet House

Price: $460.60
Salt Lake City,UT,USA

Miglio Design Rotunda Cat Condo and Scratcher Lounge

Price: $456.85

IRIS 5-Tier Cat Tree Condo, Kitty Paws Clubhouse

Price: $452.12

Kitty Mansions Amazon Green Cat Tree Furniture Hammock Condo Feline Play Rope

Price: $433.95


Price: $429.95

TRIXIE Beige/Brown Belorado Adjustable Cat Tree Pet House/Condo Play Scratch Pom

Price: $428.48
Aliso Viejo,CA,USA

BRAD-568707-Cat Trees, Cat Condos & Cat Scratching Posts

Price: $420.67

Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Cat Play Gym, Beige

Price: $412.66

Unique 62" CAT TREE CONDO Scratching Post Kitty Home Kitten Mansions BOSTON

Price: $399.99
Chino Hills,CA,USA

CatastrophiCreations 54" Handcrafted Roman Cat Condo

Price: $399.99
Byron Center,MI,USA

Medium Beige Brown Belorado Adjustable Cat Tree Condo Plush Post Pet Furniture

Price: $396.74
Los Angeles,CA,USA

Cat Tree For Large Cats Condo Tower Furniture & Scratchers Pet Play Ladder 87.5"

Price: $391.49

BRAD-568708-Cat Trees, Cat Condos & Cat Scratching Posts

Price: $387.71

Cat Tree For Large Cats 72" Scratching Post Furniture Climbing Tower Condo House

Price: $379.18
Vero Beach,FL,USA


Price: $279


Price: $279
Pet Supplies Plus
For all of the orange tabby lovers.....say hello to Rusty. Rusty is from the Saginaw County Animal Care Center and he is spending the week in our cat condo at Pet Supplies Plus in Saginaw. This is how he looked after 5 minutes in the condo. You can see he.
Candice Tells All: Penthouse condo makeover exudes lofty style
Ana and Mario's home is on the penthouse floor of an older downtown condo. no outside parking and strict condo board rules cramped our style, but once we got all the tools and supplies inside, this downtown penthouse really started to shape up.
Dream home: Condo has waterfront view of history
In the1,080-square-foot condo, Zuccaro has created a tasteful and comfortable shrine to Baltimore's industrial and maritime. the condo is antique, spanning the late Victorian, Edwardian and art nouveau eras, and including a warm oak reproduction of.
Home Improvement, Brickell: Renovating an Urban Condo
Home improvement in a condo is different. What works in a private home will most likely be against condo regulations. Before you begin any project, or better yet, before you commit to the purchase or lease, study the documents; make sure you can.
Beacon Hill condo an urban oasis
At 1,855 square feet, with 9-foot ceilings and lots of big and bright windows, the three-bedroom condo feels large — even suburban-family-home large. The condo has two floors, with the dining and living rooms, kitchen and master bedroom on the.
Homegazing: Loft condo in Minneapolis' North Loop -- you can have it for $749,900
A condo in a converted warehouse in the North Loop features unique architectural salvage pieces. You can have it for $749,900. When entrepreneur Craig Kruckeberg set out to find a downtown condo several years ago, he was looking for a true loft.
TRIXIE Pet Products Nuria Cat Condo
Bring style and fun home for your kitty with the TRIXIE Nuria Cat Condo. Covered with plush, this kitty condo features a scratching post covered in natural sisal and a top platform with a ring-shaped bed that is removable, so it can be used separate.
CAT TREE CONDO PET FURNITURE Toy House Scratching Post Climbing Tower PLAYHOUSE For Sale - New and Used
You'll Love It !!! Now Buying This Cat Tree Condo Furniture Playhouse , You Get The FREE SHIPPING Cat Tree Condo Furniture Playhouse Features : - Give your cat a taste of the wild with this amazing cat tree. - Includes two bedroom areas, one for cats that.
Building Your Own Kitty/Cat Condo ***Save Money!
If you have ever taken a look at the cat scratchers / condos they sell in pet stores you already know how expensive they can be. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can easily make one yourself? This guide includes some tips I've gleamed from my successful attempt at building a condo for my 2 cats. Hopefully it will save you some time and make the project a little easier and more enjoyable. Materials The amount of each material will vary greatly on the size of condo you plan on making but all of these are definitely needed. The prices indicate how much I spent to build the large 72'' x 46'' x 36'' condo I built. All of these items can easily be obtained from Lowes or Home Depot, although most you should be able to find for free. $20 -4 spools thin rope *Tip- Buy the natural type 1/4-1/2''. It's the same type they use on some of the cat scratchers in the store. You can wrap all the pillars with so your cats can climb them can scratch on them. $7 -1 sheet 4' x 8' chip board or plywood $5 -box of 50 thin 2 inch wood screws $2 -box of 100 small tack nails. *Tip- Make sure you get short ones with large heads. They need to hold the carpet well but not come through the other side of the wood! $25 -8' x 15' Carpet *Tip- ask someone in the carpet department if they have scraps they are willing to give away. When I bought mine from Home Depot they gave me 50% off for scrap. Free! -2x4s or scrap wood. *Tip- I was able to get a pallet from the local grocery store. Scrap wood is easy to find, so if you want to save some more just look around. Tools

Foxfire Condo
Three bedroom/2 bathroom condo for rent including photos, location information and contact details.

Luxury Condo For Rent
Two-bedroom condo for rent on Cupecoy Beach. Comes fully furnished and is in the rental pool.