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1983 Volvo White Road Boss Used Detroit 6V 92 Low Mile Fire Truck Grain Chassis

Price: $9,995
Moscow Mills,MO,USA

1960 Mack Heavy Rescue Truck (West Hempstead 762) Ultra Rare, MUST SEE***

Price: $50,000


Price: $33,500


Price: $8,100


Price: $6,995

Ford l9000 lnt9000 firetruck

Price: $5,800

Ford 8000 Firetruck 1979 Caterpillar Diesel ie- Fire Truck Cat 3208 Engine

Price: $4,900

1978 Ford F704F Fire Engine Truck #25

Price: $4,850

1960 Chevy Fire Truck

Price: $2,605
Nampa grass fire burns vehicles, trailers
The fire burned many vehicles, trailers, and a bunch of other "stuff" before spreading to the neighbor's property. The fire chief says crews were able to stop the fire as it approached the neighbors house. Strosnider estimates that the fire.
Fire Destroys Two Semi Trucks In Spokane Valley
A fire destroyed two semi. vehicles and the grain trailers attached to them, the fire could cost as much as $350,000. Fire officials say that they think the fire started in the battery/hydraulic area of one of the truck, and then spread to the other.
Ashbourne Truck Centre Schmitz Cargobull - is the leading manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers for commercial vehicles. and repairs on both trucks and trailers we have supplied and also on our customers other vehicles. We offer a 24hr breakdown.
Del Monte truck fire causes $175,000 in damage
Fire. doing repair work on fire. The 53-foot refrigerated trailer that was being repaired was also on fire. There were three other refrigerated trailers parked nearby. The fire destroyed the box truck and one trailer sustained heavy damage.
Dubai lorry drivers now required to register trailers
DUBAI // The trailers and semi-trailers. as the vehicles do." Security concerns were also a reason for the new programme, Mr Bahrozyan said. "These trailers are not always on the road - they can be parked somewhere detached from the truck, and there.
Trucks and trailers to go on auction
IF you’re looking to get your hands on a truck. deck link trailers, skeletal, curtain side trailers and side-tipper trailers. A number of earthmoving assets will also be auctioned. According to Augustyn, the sale of medium commercial vehicles, heavy.
Slippery roads send vehicles skidding across Vt.
The truck then crossed both northbound lanes, went off the road and struck an embankment, causing the truck to roll on its side. The driver was not injured, but the fire. commercial motor vehicle traffic. Several other tractor-trailers got stuck in.
WWCNS and Melissa & Doug announce the Touch-a-Truck event
Delighting truck enthusiasts. trucks – a giant tow truck, propane truck, garbage truck and large tractor trailer among them; emergency vehicles including an ambulance, fire engine and SWAT team vehicles; and other “novelty vehicles.
Towing and Trailering Basics
You've spent thousands of dollars and as many hours making your car virtually perfect, and now you're going to load it onto a trailer and go places. Although towing may look straightforward, like most things that look easy, it takes a lot of careful preparation to do it right. What will you tow with? Let's start with the tow vehicle. Every vehicle has a manufacturer;s towing limit - which should be listed in the owner's manual or on the manufacturer's website. For some vehicles, that limit is zero - you simply shouldn't tow at all. You can damage the transmission, overtax the engine and brakes, and lose control. For other vehicles, the towing limit can range from approximately 1,500 pounds for cars and small SUVs to 7,500 pounds and more for trucks and full-size SUVs. And, if you've exceeded the weight limit, the manufacturer could deny a warranty repair or void your warranty altogether. Just because your tow vehicle is rated to pull the load you have in mind doesn't mean it's ready to go. It needs the right equipment, which includes: hitches electric brake controllers wiring transmission oil coolers Many manufacturers offer complete towing packages, which are added at the factory or by the dealer. If you have any questions about whether your vehicle is ready to tow, check with the dealer. NETWORK KEY POINT 1 Never exceed your tow vehicle's manufacturer towing limit. Car Trailers There are two basic types of car trailers: open and closed. Open trailers are basically flat platforms or a pair of parallel tracks on which your car rides, and loading is via a pair of ramps.

MBI Trailers Inc.
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Hilmerson RV Center
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