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(10) boxes Frontline Plus # 287010 3 Pack Small Dog Flea, Tick & Lice Treatment

Price: $449.99
Grosse Pointe,MI,USA
Frontline Plus for cats gets launched on GFP
Generic Frontline Plus is one of the leading and most trusted online pet. supplies of both Generic as well as Brand Frontline Plus products. Online PR News – 13-October-2012 –Generic Frontline plus are launching Frontline Plus For Cats, which. carries Authentic EPA approved Frontline plus for dogs
April 19, 2009 - PRLog-- Mickey's Pet Supplies carries Frontline plus for dogs, Frontline tick, Frontline cats products. They have geared up for this spring season as dogs, cats and their owners head outdoors after this cold winter.
What's Different in Frontline vs Frontline Plus?
Frontline was one of the top rated flea and tick protection products around, and then they came out with. they would die and fall off your pet within a few days. Frontline Plus prevents maturation from the larval stage, for more complete protection.
Where can Frontline pet supplies be purchased?
People interested in purchasing Frontline pet medication can do so by visiting any major pet shop. PetSmart, Petco, and PetShed are three major chains that sell Frontline. People interested in purchasing Frontline pet medication can do so by visiting any.
Flea & Tick Frontline Alternatives
Frontline is a popular brand of flea and tick control products for pets. Though Frontline is recommended by most veterinarians for its effectiveness, some pet parents feel that the dangerous chemicals found in Frontline may cause more damage to their pet.
Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. Announces Generic Equivalents of Frontline Plus®
Both FiproGuardâ„¢ Plus and Pronyl OTCâ„¢ Plus contain the same veterinary-recommended active ingredients as Frontline Plus. for the pet." FiproGuardâ„¢ Plus is available through pet specialty retailers, including PetSmart, PETCO, Pet Supplies.
Difference Between Frontline and Frontline Plus
The objective of both products is to eliminate fleas and ticks from the pets. Both Frontline products aim to control the flea and tick population on a pet. They are applied topically (in layman’s terms, on the skin) at the back of the pet’s neck.
frontline for dogs 45-88 lbs
It... Sold by Tractor Supply Co. Pet Flea and Tick Control Brand : Frontline Pet Type : Dog Pet Size : Large Pet Weight Range : 45-88 lb. Number of Doses : 3 Natural or Organic : No Product Size : 3 - .091 oz. Frontline Plus effectively targets all stages.
Frontline, Frontline Plus, etc.
There are lots of people getting their hands on several pet products and medications to sell to the loving pet owner who wants to desperately to do what is right for their pet. Yes, the products and medications can be costly. It does sound good to get those products that you need cheaper. I know for a fact that Merial (the maker of Frontline Plus) does not sell to any companies or pharmacies other than veterinarians. Now, how people aquire the products is actually unknown. Do they purchase from over seas? I'm sure some do. But I do know this, if you purchase from someone other than your veterinarian, the manufacture warranty is VOID! If your pet becomes sick because of the medication you have purchase from some other source, the manufacture will not back it. You MAY be able to get a refund from whomever you purchased the product, but you will receive no help from the manufacture in the treatment for your pet. The use of a product off label is VOID as well. Merial does not recommend using the product in any other way than the way you purchase it through your veterinarian. I am a Vet Tech and I am not trying to just sell you a product. I have treated a cat for seizuring from having flea preventative applied that was to be used for a large dog. You will find sellers who sell large doses of canine Frontline to break down to treat several cats or smaller dogs. These people do not work for pharmaceutical companies and can not purchase from them without federal i.d. numbers. There is currently a new flea product on the market called Promeris. The pharmaceutical company has ensured that this product will not hit the outside stores, internet or magazines.

Critique of PBS Coverage of Country Walk case
This Site debunks the Frontline program, Did Daddy Do It? (which aired on April 25, 2002). The site documents a multitude of errors and omissions in Frontline's reporting of this child sexual abuse case.
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