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Hummel Figurine Set, 156056 The Wanderers (Millennium) Mint NO BOX

Price: $1,000

Hummel #2004 Signed & Scape #1011-D #'d 842/950 Excl Ed (Gold) Oktoberfest MIB!!

Price: $799.99

Hummel #2093 Signed & Scape #1011-D #'d 821/950 Exclusive Ed Oktoberfest MIB!!

Price: $799.99

Hummel WAYSIDE DEVOTION FIGURINE TM1 Wayside Devotion 229572

Price: $549.95

Hummel Goebel 13/V - Meditation, Girl with basket and letter, tmk7 !!

Price: $550

# 620 Berta Hummel Baby's 1st Christmas Case Of 60 Sets

Price: $499.99
Staten Island,NY,USA

Hummel Goebel 2205 - Troublemaker - (ln box)

Price: $442.19

Hummel LOVES BOUNTY FIGURINE TM7 Loves Bounty 1151283

Price: $449.95

Hummel ON OUR WAY FIGURINE TM7 On Our Way 5747292

Price: $449.95

Lot of 54 M.I. Hummel Goebel Silver Plated Spoons, 11", No Box (5603)

Price: $438.90

Hummel LET'S TELL THE WORLD FIGURINE TM6 Let's Tell The World 229117

Price: $399.95

Hummel ROCK A BYE FIGURINE TM7 Rock A Bye 6460232

Price: $399.95

Hummel LAND IN SIGHT FIGURINE TM7 Land In Sight-1492-1992 5949188

Price: $399.95

Hummel RETREAT TO SAFETY FIGURINE TM1 Retreat To Safety 2307536

Price: $399.95

M.I. Hummel Goebel #406 "Pleasant Journey" TMK 6, 6.5" Tall w/ Box, Crazed

Price: $399.99

Hummel ROCK A BYE FIGURINE TM7 Rock A Bye 6460235

Price: $349.95
Hummel Figurines and Collectibles
A collection of Hummel figurines and other Hummel collectibles. Included are five figurines. Last is an unmarked girl with a basket and a letter. A vintage small wall clock with chains and weights. On the front is printed " B. Hummel 9743 Ars sacrn.
Sweet Hummel figurines aren't what they used to be
I wouldn't call 2015 the year of the Hummel as the the kitschy collectibles have seen a large drop in value. In 2000, an Umbrella Girl Hummel sold on average for $700 to $800, and today, the same Hummel averages $100. The dramatic drop in value could.
Hummel Collectibles Verify the Authenticity of Goebel Figurines
... these two specific features can help you determine whether a collectible figurine is one of the Goebel company’s Hummel collectibles or simply a piece of everyday decorative art. While you can probably easily tell a true Hummel apart from other.
Hummel Adoration 23/1 Collectible Figurine TMK #2
I Hummel Goebel Figurine Collectible. These are the amazing collectibles this one is vintage they are decorative and make great nostalgic gifts. This is a signed figurine with M I Hummel and the # 23/1 TMK #2. This Hummel figurine will create a nice.
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What are Hummel Markings?
These marks are used to date and authenticate a Hummel figurine. The marking usually displays the logo of the Goebel porcelain company, which produced the Hummel figurines from 1935 to 2008. Only the marked Hummel figurines are authentic. The look of.
Collectibles become attractions at at suburban Chicago museums
In brief, Hummel figurines grew from original designs by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, born Berta Hummel, whose drawings of adorable apple-cheeked children engaged in various innocent activities caught the attention of Franz Goebel, owner of a porcelain company.
Goebel Hummel Strolling Along Umbrella 5 W Germany
M I Hummel Goebel Figurine Collectible; Franz Goeble was a Porcelain sculpture started producing the first Hummel’s in 1935; these are great collectibles especially the vintage pieces. This is a vintage Goeble M I Hummel; it is hand painted with bright.
Why Hummel Figurines Are So Special at CollectorsLine
Why Are Hummel Figurines So Special? At CollectorsLine, we carry only the finest collectible figurines. We are delighted to present the beautiful M.I. Hummel line created by the Goebel company. M.I. Hummel figurines are some of the most popular collectibles in the world. The Hummel line captures the carefree happiness and curiosity of childhood in each impeccably crafted porcelain sculpture. The expressively painted rosy cheeks and long-lashed wide eyes of the children depicted in these handcrafted, valuable collectibles are created from an inspiring legacy of dedication to quality and devotion to art. The Goebel Company uses the large collection of artwork of Sister Maria Innocentia

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Offers Royal Copenhagen, Bing and Grondahl, M. I. Hummel, Berta Hummel and Swarovski retired club pieces.

Hummel Bird-- Hummel Aviation Bryan Ohio
Homepage of Hummel Aviation Bryan Ohio info on the UltraCruiser, CA-2, Hummel Bird and UC Plus includes much of Morry Hummel's info pack content.